Undecided Voters are Weird

Ever wonder about those people who STILL haven’t decided who to vote for yet?

How much information do you dumbasses need? Aren’t the differences between the candidates pretty obvious by now? What is with these people??

An article in today’s WSJ paints a very strange picture of one such individual.

“While [Joe] Sullivan agreed with Sen. Obama over reaching out to Iran and North Korea, he hasn’t ruled out a vote for Sen. McCain, whom he sees as battle-tested compared to Sen. Obama…

With much of the country clumped into red or blue states, the votes of working-class white suburbanites like Mr. Sullivan in such swing states as Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania could decide this year’s election. Ohio, with its 20 electoral votes, is evenly split in the polls between Democratic Sen. Barack Obama and Republican Sen. John McCain.”

Let’s learn more about this generic undecided voter!

Despite millions of dollars in TV ads and direct-mail ads flooding into the homes of Ohio voters, Mr. Sullivan’s reaction to the debate highlights how the decision-making process among this bounty of voters can be quirky, personal and unpredictable.

Mr. Sullivan said he couldn’t help but filter the debate over engaging rogue states through the prism of his divorce, which ended 30 years of marriage. “After our boys grew up, we had nothing left to talk about,” Mr. Sullivan said. “We’d just grown so far apart.”

Uh…OK, that doesn’t really seem that relevant but let’s learn some more about this guy before we judge him.

Mr. Sullivan is a registered Democrat who’s struggling. He worked 19 years in newspaper circulation before the industry’s dwindling fortunes cornered him into a buyout. These days, he cuts hair during the week and performs as Jocko the Clown on weekends.

Awesome. The future direction of our country is in the hands of Jocko the Clown!

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