Righteous sisters in the forest

Swedish sister act sees sweet Fleet Foxes show, heads out to the woods to record a tribute.

Sibling harmonies!! You can’t top ’em!

Now, as some of the commenters on Youtube have noted, there’s definitely reverb on the audio (listen closely at the 2:22 mark); of course, that could be post-production, but the sound quality is suspiciously crisp overall.

And we care…why? Call it a kickass music video then!

The group is called First Aid Kit and here’s a little more about them from their Myspace page:

First Aid Kit is a Swedish duo formed by sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg from Enskede, a suburb south of Stockholm. They’re young – Klara is 15 and Johanna 17. The music they create could, however, hardly be called young, it’s rather ancient. The emphasis is on narrative lyrics accompanying playful melodies with intense, thick harmonies. This is nothing new.

The musical journey of Klara and Johanna began, as so many others have, with singing karaoke to various pop songs that leaked into their childhood home. It was Britney, Christina and so on. Nevertheless, they turned away from their earlier musical path a few years later, when they discoverd music that could touch them in a way completley new to them. An entry to this new way of experiencing music came with Bright Eyes, the alias of singer/songwriter Conor Oberst, Leonard Cohen and Mr. Dylan to name a few. Klara almost describes her first encounter with the song “First Day of My Life” by the earlier mentioned Bright Eyes as a revelation.

Awww! Endearingly authentic typos!!

[Special thanks to DJ Walls of Sound for the tipoff.]

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