No words of introduction will serve to do this website justice…a repository of all known wisdom on the topic of 40OZMALTLIQUOR.

Whatever 40 you might have encountered in your travels, the 40 ounce posse will avail you of all knowledge on the topic. Take, for example, the testimonials about that D.C. favorite, the Hurricane. They’re insightful and provocative, and often accompanied by photo evidence:

“I’m a big fan of the Hurricane. “Brace for the smooth taste” is no joke you slores! It really does flow down (at the risk of sounding gay) gorgeously! I love to guzzle this golden greatness down my gullet. I’m not a fan of A-B’s longneck bottles, but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be (although this used to come in regular small mouths back in the day). Everyone should like this, there’s no reason not to. Your won’t get the largest buzz off it, but you can get a decent one since it’s easy to gulp down at high speeds. 9/10 swills”


“Just swilled a Hurricane. Have not had this in a while. I actually picked this up in Rockport Tx which is about an hour and 40 minutes from where I live. Last time I had Hurricane in a 40 was a few years ago, so I’ve been hesitant to Post a review. BOD is 1/23/2008. I have to say this is a damn good 40. Obviously this can be compared to its brother King Cobra, but I find that the Cane is a little smoother and not as sweet as KC. Seems to have a little more carbonation too, which I like. The last time I had it was in 16oz cans which I also got in the Rockport/Corpus area. AB isn’t bullshitting when they say Brace for the smooth taste” Shit is hella smooth. I drink a shit load of King Cobras, but in all honestly, I wish they would replace KC with the Hurricane. Overall 8.5 swills. Buzz factor is a little weak so only 6.5 swills. Drinkability is awesome so I give it 9.0 swills. Gonna have to take a little road trip to get a few more of these.”

“I’m drinking a Hurrican right now while watching the Capitals game in College Park, Maryland. I’m having a great time and this must be one of the best 40s I’ve ever tasted. I’m looking foward to 3 more years of drinking Hurricane here at college with my buds, should be madd fun. 9 Swills out of 10 bitch. Remember: There’s Always Another Hurricane on the Horizon”

This website also features a hall of fame of the 40 Ounce Crew, clearly the most devoted 40 lovers on the planet. Here are a few of the more glamorous members:

You can comb through this website for days and still have plenty of material left to see. One gem among many is this video in which the site’s founder, Bruz, drinks a Hurricane 40 with his parents at Christmastime.

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