It’s f–ked up where I live, but this is how it is

As a pimp-rapper in Hustle & Flow, Terrence Howard vowed to “Get rich ‘fore I leave up out this bitch.”

Now it seems that his salary demands have cost him a role he was super psyched about.

For well over a year, Terrence Howard has been excitedly talking up his role as Jim Rhodes in the “Iron Man” franchise, promising reporters that Tony Stark’s most indispensable sidekick would eventually don an armor suit himself as the heroic War Machine. Jim still might. Howard, on the other hand, reportedly won’t be along for the ride.

The Oscar-nominated star of “Crash” and “Hustle and Flow” has been booted from “Iron Man 2,” and will be replaced by Don Cheadle, according to The Hollywood Reporter. His departure reportedly comes after negotiations between the thesp and Marvel Studios broke down over financial considerations, “among other differences.”

The actor’s reported disappearance from the franchise is both curious and startling, given how positively giddy he has sounded about continuing to work on the comic book adaptation, which set up an expanded role for the character in the series’ first installment.

“I’m anxious to get into the next one. I don’t want to be a sidekick. I don’t want to be a wingman. I want to have my own thing,” Howard beamed in a May interview with MTV News. “I want to be War Machine.”


In related news, Don Cheadle’s son has stolen the role of “Fedora’d boy at premiere”.

A blogger at IESB.NET comments:

When I heard about this replacement, I immediately recalled Howard telling the IESB during an exclusive interview earlier in the year that he didn’t sign on to Iron Man to be a sidekick. Here’s the exact quote, “you know if they do a 2 I know they’ll do a 3, and this is just speculation on my behalf, and if they do a 3 then they’ll spin-off into War Machine ’cause War Machine seems to have its own little following. Which, you know, galvanizes my own personal interest in it, I’ve never really signed on to be a sidekick.”

Press at the time of Iron Man’s release also discussed the fact that Howard’s casting was with a sequel in mind. Too bad he got a little ahead of himself…

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