Sex on the Super Speedway

NASCAR crew chief Hugo Murphy could never forget Sylvie Ketchum, especially since he only had to look at her daughter—their daughter—to be reminded of the woman he’d loved. But she’d deserted him and Kim without a word, shattering their hopes and dreams. Nothing could fill the void—except NASCAR.

Years ago, Sylvie had loved Hugo with all the fiery impetuousness of youth. But she’d had a secret that had torn them apart. Now she had a chance to atone for her mistakes…and save the life of the child she’d left behind. But doing so meant dealing with her ex-husband, Hugo, again…and having the strength to finally tell him the real reason she’d left him and the world of NASCAR behind…

What could it be? Was she deathly allergic to the Car of Tomorrow?

One of our finest tipsters, who we’ll dub C. Dave, pointed us to this amazing page of NASCAR harlequin romances. Here are a few of the steamy selections from, each featuring a smouldering trackside hunk and a sexy racecar-loving honey:

After spending most of her life buried in books and academia despite her NASCAR roots, scientist Kim Murphy is a complete success. But when she stumbles across an old list—”Things To Do Before I Die”—Kim realizes that she hasn’t really lived. Now it’s time for her to tackle the frivolous things in life: “Play hooky.” “Buy a push-up bra.” Next up…find a “jock” to date!

Kim’s unusual mix of beauty, braininess and humor seems tailor-made to get under NASCAR car chief Ward Abraham’s skin—so when she asks him out, Ward can’t refuse. But when he offers to help her out with her “list” (and then some!) Kim is delighted… and terrified that Ward will discover the real reason for her list!

Here’s what we have learned from perusing these titles – NASCAR hoes have secrets.

Things Crystal Hayes could do without: her looks, men obsessed with her looks, and guys who think they’re God’s gift to the ladies. She’d rather be behind the wheel of a truck than navigating cheesy pickup lines. But when Crystal makes a delivery to a NASCAR event, she meets the one guy who could blow all her preconceptions away.…

All his life Larry Grosso has lived in the shadow of his well-known racing family—but it’s now time for him to take what he wants. And on the top of that list is Crystal—breathtaking, sweet…and twenty-two years younger. Their age difference is creating animosity within their families, and suddenly their romance is the talk of the entire NASCAR circuit!

And coming soon…another paperback classic featuring a studly crew chief. What is it about crew chiefs – they seem to be the male protagonists in 80-90% of these novels!

As the new crew chief for Maximus Racing, Tobey Harris is under a mountain of pressure. He’s sacrificed nearly everything for this opportunity. But when he finds himself working with attractive publicist Amy Barber, Tobey’s pressure gauge starts hitting the danger zone.…

Amy isn’t looking for romance. For the first time, she’s representing one of NASCAR’s top drivers, and she’s not willing to risk her fledgling career for anyone…especially not someone she works with! But can Amy and Tobey keep their relationship strictly professional—especially when they’re just inches from crossing the fine line between business and pleasure?

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