Amazing Senate Ads

It’s that time again…time for really low blows in political races. Intrepid ROTI contributor C. Dave sends along two gems that you urban yuppies probably haven’t seen.

First up, a remarkable ad from Jim Slattery, a Democratic candidate for Senate in Kansas. This ad evokes the pain of the little guy as wealthy tycoons shower them with noxious yellow liquid…

According to 538, Slattery is down 20 percentage points. Hilarious ad though.

Now let’s move to a shockingly close race in Mississippi, where Sen. Roger Wicker, a Republican appointed to take Trent Lott’s seat, is fending off a challenge from Ronnie Musgrove. 538 basically calls this race a toss-up, which is absolutely astounding when you consider that this election is taking place in MISSISSIPPI, the fine state from where our staunchest conservative friends hail.

Anyway, Wicker has plans to change this by highlighting the source of Musgrove’s contributions:

I love that the Village People kicked in. Those guys show up anywhere liberals are in need.

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