We Take It Back, Barack.

Recently, we blasted Sarah Palin for seeming to support both the Tampa Rays and Boston Red Sox during campaign stops in Florida and New Hampshire. More generally, we noted the lame-brained takes on baseball by politicians and urged them to leave MLB alone – with the exception of Barack Obama, who memorably ripped on Cubs fans for being lightweights when compared to fans of his White Sox.

However, we now have to place Obama on the list of double-dealing politicians who use baseball for their own personal ends. Politico reports, “Can’t lose: Obama backs Rays, Phillies.”

Barack Obama, campaigning in the key swing state of Florida, is seeking to capitalize on the excitement over the World Series-bound Tampa Bay Rays, telling a Tampa crowd he was “showing some love for the Rays,” several members of which joined him onstage.

Only problem?

Obama, a self-avowed Chicago White Sox fan, declared his allegiance earlier this month for the Rays’ National League opponent in baseball’s championship, the Philadelphia Phillies.

On Oct. 11, Obama told a crowd in the City of Brotherly Love — the biggest city on the key swing state of Pennsylvania: “My White Sox are gone, so I’ll go ahead and root for the Phillies now.”

Yet in Tampa on Monday afternoon, where he was introduced by Rays players Fernando Perez and David Price, Obama also seemed to express support for the Rays, telling the crowd that he had just met with several members of the team backstage.

“I have said from the beginning that I’m a unity candidate, bringing people together. So when you see a White Sox fan showing some love for the Rays and the Rays showing some love back, you know we’re onto something here,” Obama said.

He added that he considered cutting his hair in a Mohawk to show solidarity with the team’s players, but “My political advisers said they weren’t sure how that would play with swing voters.”

FOR SHAME Obama! Granted, you may have profited politically from a Rays/Phils series, with many citizens of swing states FL and PA now fixated on the October Classic and not on Bill Ayers, Joe the Plumber or what have you – but don’t front like a sports bigamist for votes. Politicians, we say again: leave baseball alone.

Time for McCain to order up some “Barack Hussein Obama only pretends to like our beloved ballclub until he’s in enemy territory!” robocalls, stat.

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