Cascadian Farm Broccoli is PEOPLE

Here’s an amazing find by the clever ladies who write the bread & honey blog.

Okay, I know this isn’t a recipe, but it’s food related, and it’s too funny to not share.

Now that we’re settled in from our respective vacations, and enjoying the fall weather- Summer and I are getting back down to business. I was over at her place this morning photographing some tasty treats that will hopefully show up here later today, and she suddenly remembered this crazy broccoli package in her freezer she wanted to show me. She handed me the box and I studied it carefully, squinting, even allowing my eyes to blur, to try and see what I was missing. She pointed- “Do you see?” See what? I didn’t see anything. Just broccoli. Her finger tapped on a certain part of the box and she urged me to look closer. “There- right there. Do you see it? I’m not going to tell you what it is if you don’t see it.” And then, it suddenly became clear to me. WHAT THE HELL?

It shouldn’t be too hard to see here:

But if you’re still not quite getting it, perhaps these macro shots will help:


Clever in-joke by the packaging designers? Or something far, far more sinister?? It very well could be that tiny ecstatic faces have the power to influence our purchasing decisions! What’s next, hiding tiny ecstatic faces on cigarette packages and packets of sugar? OR MAYBE THEY’VE BEEN THERE ALL ALONG and these are simply a de-weaponized, vegetable version of said vice-faces!!

While you think about those horrifying possibilities, check out bread & honey’s delicious looking bacon corn chowder recipe – and we agree with Alicia, just use black pepper.

[via DIGG]

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