Manny Being Clueless


In an ESPN story about Manny Ramirez’s quest for a new, blockbuster contract, we noticed this amusing quote (emphasis added):

There could be a Manny Ramirez sequel in Hollywood if a blockbuster deal can be worked out.

The Los Angeles Dodgers will talk to the slugger’s agent, Scott Boras, and according to an report on Wednesday, average salary might not be an issue. The duration of the contract is another matter, however.

“We don’t have too many six-year deals,” Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti said, according to the Web site. Actually, nobody on the Dodgers has a six-year contract.

Ramirez has said publicly that he is looking for a long-term deal. Sources told that the Dodgers might be willing to pay Ramirez Alex Rodriguez-type money, but only for two years.

“We’ll know more after we sit down with Scott to gauge what’s happening and see if there’s some place we can meet in the middle,” Colletti said, according to the site.

After the Dodgers were eliminated by the Phillies in the NLCS, Ramirez said: “I want to see who is the highest bidder. Gas is up and so am I.

Oh really, Manny?? Gas is up? Tell that to the people who locked in winter heating fuel supplies this summer only to see prices plummet in the wake of the financial meltdown.

Or if we’re talking strictly price-at-the-pump, dig this chart:

Manny Being Economist isn’t going so well. Don’t quit your day job.

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