1-877-MI-CHANGE – file under “electile dysfunction”

Tis the season for political mailers, and if you’re in any kind of swing state or competitive congressional district, you’re no doubt besieged with them. Well, if you live in Michigan, you might want to check them out, because the Democratic Party is pimping more than their candidates.

NPR reports:

The Democratic Party of Michigan passed out a flier with two applications for absentee ballots in an effort to get people to vote early. The flier included photos of Barack Obama and Sen. Carl Levin, and a number for a Democratic campaign hot line. Unfortunately for Democrats, the number was really hot: The party mistakenly gave the number for a phone sex line.

Turns out the number they MEANT to print was 888-MI-CHANGE. Oops.

EXAMINER.COM cracks wise on this and another phone-sex related election news item:

The Michigan Democratic State Central Committee circulated the notices, which featured likenesses of Barack Obama and U.S. Senator Carl Levin.

Whew, two things I never wanted to hear in the same conversation: Carl Levin and phone sex.

In California, where one expects this sort of inanity, a staff worker for Republican congressional candidate Zane Starkewolf (now that would be a great porn name) recorded a ‘robo-call’ in hopes of calling attention to incumbent opponent Mike Thompson’s voting record.

The female staffer – in a dusky, risqué tone – begins her robo-message by saying, “Mike Thompson has been a bad boy.”

Congressman Thompson’s campaign called the tactic a “sophomoric and tasteless prank… it’s incredible that someone would waste voters’ time with this drivel.”

[screengrabs from WJBK-TV DETROIT]

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