We Warned You, Lady!

In what is quickly becoming an incessant whine, we are forced to continue castigating politicians who invoke baseball to achieve self-serving ends. You’d think they’d listen to us, what with our booming mouthpiece averaging 150 hits a week. But noooooo…

In yet another example of “going rogue,” Sarah Palin decided to disregard our advice. And she got booed.

God bless the citizens of Erie, PA for this swift justice!

The LA TIMES reports on “A swing and a miss in Erie.”

It was a throwaway line meant to be a crowd-pleaser. But it fell flat.

On Thursday at a rally in Erie, Pa., Sarah Palin touted the victors in the World Series to thousands of supporters. “I am thrilled to be here in the home state of the world-champion Philadelphia Phillies,” Palin said.

The crowd booed.

Philadelphia is a seven-hour drive from Erie, which is in the state’s far west. Erie’s baseball devotions are split between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Cleveland Indians. (Pittsburgh and Cleveland are about two hours away.)

Palin has been booed by Pennsylvania sports fans before. Earlier this month, the Republican vice presidential candidate was loudly heckled at a Philadelphia Flyers game.

What were you thinking, Palin? Would you give props to the Anchorage Bucs while stumping in Fairbanks, home of the Alaska Goldpanners?? Of course not!

Then why go out of your way to piss off (already wicked ornery) western Pennsylvanians by rubbing in their face that the liberal side of the state just took home a title, while the sorry Pirates traded their best players this season and got poop sandwiches in return?

Politicians, stay away from baseball. It’s in everyone’s best interest.

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