After a bruising political campaign that at some point or another pissed off everyone in our fair nation, there’s only one thing that can truly bring us all together as a country – nay, as a globe.

A live broadcast of adorable puppies!!!

Via GAWKER we recently learned about this amazing internet phenomenon.

Somebody has put a webcam on a crew of Shiba Inu puppies and is sharing their awesomeness with the world. Thank you puppy-bringer!!

Holy crap…they just woke up and now they’re playing!!! We gotta go.

About Alpine McGregor
Just like you, man. I got the shotgun, you got the briefcase. All in the game, though, right?

One Response to PUPPIES!!!

  1. Those have to be the cutest pippies in the world. The one at the top left looks almost like a panda in the face.

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