Smoke ‘Em if You Got ‘Em!

Hippies couldn’t be more excited if Jerry Garcia himself returned to Earth to roll away the dew!

Massachusetts continues to lead the nation in social-liberal policymaking, as a ballot proposition decriminalizing pot possession under one ounce won by a landslide. By a 65%-35% majority – virtually two thirds – Mass. voters declared that the sticky green ain’t bad, it’s just misunderstood…

The BOSTON GLOBE reports:

Voters yesterday overwhelmingly approved a ballot initiative to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana, making getting caught with less than an ounce of pot punishable by a civil fine of $100. The change in the law means someone found carrying dozens of joints will no longer be reported to the state’s criminal history board.

With about 90 percent of the state’s precincts reporting last night, voters favored the Question 2 proposition 65 percent to 35 percent.

“The people were ahead of the politicians on this issue; they recognize and want a more sensible approach to our marijuana policy,” said Whitney Taylor, chairwoman of the Committee for Sensible Marijuana Policy, which campaigned for the ballot initiative. “They want to focus our limited law enforcement resources on serious and violent crimes. They recognize under the new law that the punishment will fit the offense.”


Proponents of the initiative, who spent about $1 million promoting it, argued the change in the law would maintain the state’s existing penalties for growing, trafficking, or driving under the influence of marijuana, while ensuring that those caught with less than an ounce of pot would avoid the taint of a criminal record.


In a statement, the Coalition for Safe Streets, which opposed the initiative, blamed the loss on being outspent by supporters of Question 2, which included the billionaire financier George Soros, who spent more than $400,000 in favor of decriminalizing marijuana.

“Spark that shit!”

“Now these pro-drug special interests will move on to another state as part of their plan to inflict a radical drug-legalization agenda on as many communities as possible,” said the statement.

The Rev. Bruce Wall, pastor of Global Ministries Christian Church in Dorchester, was among several prominent black ministers in Boston who called on fellow clergy to oppose the initiative.

“I guess there are a lot of people smoking the stuff, and they don’t see what we see,” Wall said.

The initiative’s success last night sparked loud cheers from supporters gathered at the Silvertone Bar & Grill in downtown.

“I think this points to how our Legislature is unwilling to represent their constituents on these issues,” said Bill Downing, president of the Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition.

The really startling thing is the one-ounce threshold. That’s not a trifling amount of pot. Even a gravity-bong-wielding dope fiend would need to do some serious work to plow through an ounce in a fortnight. Anybody who is possessing more than that amount has got to be a drug dealer. In essence, this measure would make it almost legal to casually smoke weed in the state of Massachusetts.

It should be noted that this isn’t an ironclad guarantee of decriminalization – the state legislature can still change it around if they see fit. State officials from the governor on down are on the record against pot decriminalization.

However, we’re guessing they’re going to leave it alone. Why? Well, there’s the massive margin by which the ballot measure carried the day, of course.

In addition, there’s the Kevin Faulk factor. You see, if marijuana was decriminalized nationwide, then Patriots running back wouldn’t have gotten busted for weed possession in Lafayette, LA this summer, and he wouldn’t have been suspended at the start of the season, and he’d have been in the game to finish off a block against Bernard Pollard

…and TOM BRADY would never have gotten hurt!

Don’t you get it??!! Our nation’s backward weed laws hurt Tom Brady!

This clearly called for Massachusetts to lead the way in a glorious luge run of CHANGE!!! And the voters answered the call! God bless America. And Tom Brady. Roll away the dew!!

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