Weekend Jams: Ike, Tina, Dan the Banjo Man

We came across this dope recording of Ike & Tina doing a little “Nutbush City Limits” on a 1974 German TV show.

Now THIS is a serious jam and a great clip too. The cross cutting between their faces is awesome.

Unfortunately, this was their last hit together, and two years later they broke up on account of Ike being, you know, kind of evil.

Here’s an interesting piece of trivia: that nasty solo nasty rhythm groove is the work of Marc Bolan. (Thanks to reader Marc Arscott, and truly how did we mess that up. No more posting latenights.)

On a completely separate note, our curiosity was piqued early in the clip, when a lineup for the show is displayed with “Dan the Banjo Man” in the #2 spot. Who on earth is that??

We needed to know more. Wikipedia was useless, but after a little googling we turned up this information on ANSWERS.COM:

Dan the Banjo Man was actually Phil Cordell, who played everything but some rhythm guitar on the 1974 Dan the Banjo Man album. Cordell had previously released records as Springwater, who had a number five hit in the U.K. in 1971 with “I Will Return.” He recorded the Dan the Banjo Man album in a small cellar in Ninfield, Sussex, England, and while the record didn’t actually feature a banjo, he did use an automatic wah-wah pedal that he thought made a guitar sound like a banjo. The title track became a hit instrumental in Germany after being used in an orange juice commercial, sparking demand for an almost wholly instrumental album mixing originals with covers of oldies like “Bring It on Home,” “I Got You Babe” (the title changed to “I Got You Dan”), and “The Locomotion.” Like “Dan the Banjo Man,” these featured layers of guitars with enough unusual textures and effects to create a feel similar to that produced by synthesizers.

So Dan the Banjo Man didn’t play banjo at all, and he gained the #2 slot on the celebration of all things musical in 1974 Germany through his orange juice fame…

…and here’s the clip. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder, he turns out to be a fricking CLOWN.

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2 Responses to Weekend Jams: Ike, Tina, Dan the Banjo Man

  1. Marc Arscott says:

    Hi, not quite sure what solo you’re referring to in Nutbush, if it’s the KEYBOARD solo, then that wasn’t Bolan, he’s a rhythm guitar player, who makes the groove.

  2. Rumors on the Internets says:

    Thank you Marc. Just for using the phrase “makes the groove” you’re one of the finest people ever to venture to this place.

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