TN columnist firmly entrenched in 20th century

Scroll to the end for a potentially disturbing UPDATE.

Via ROMANESKO, we learned this morning about a delightful column by the MURFREESBORO (Tennessee) POST’s columnist Stephen Lewis.

It’s tough to know where to begin with this one. How about here:

Even so, history has been made as the first black president has been elected. I still don’t get it though. If Obama has a black father and white mother isn’t he every bit as much white as he is black? Was his father blacker than his mother was white? Didn’t Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney sing about this over 20 years ago? “Ebony and Ivory, lives together in perfect harmony.” My hope is that eventually both races will be able to celebrate in his accomplishments.

First of all, you idiot, that horribly cheesy song does NOT assert that racism is over and that we all now live in racial harmony. It makes the “point” that black and white keys peacefully coexist on a piano keyboard and asks “Why don’t we?” do the same.

Well, apparently we don’t live together in perfect harmony like ebony and ivory because of people like this asshole, Stephen Lewis, who apparently still lives in the 1970s, with his opinions on racial issues thoroughly intact from that era.

Secondly, it was Stevie Wonder. Not Michael Jackson. I guess to Stephen Lewis, all black entertainers look alike…

Breaking news from Stephen Lewis: This guy isn’t REALLY black.

For generations, white bigots defined a person with even 1/8th black ancestry as black. Ever heard of an octaroon? In fact, some views held that ONE DROP of African blood made a person fit to be enslaved.

Thankfully, we live in more enlightened times – but backward douchebags like Stephen Lewis have decided to flip the script, and belittle the historical election of a non-white president by suddenly finding it super noteworthy that Obama’s mother is white.

Oh, it gets so much worse. Dr. Rishi K. Saxena was a Democratic candidate for Congress in Middle Tennessee. He’s a doctor who has lived in the state for 15 years; he has a thriving practice and two kids who have grown up as native Tennesseeans.

On Tuesday, Dr. Saxena got thoroughly thumped by the incumbent, Rep. Donna Rowland, who carried 65% of the vote. Somehow, this isn’t enough for A #1 asscaptain Stephen Lewis.

What about this fellow who ran for state representative, Dr. Rishi Saxena? I’m not sure where he’s from but I’m pretty sure it’s not Rutherford County. From what I read about him he has some very good ideas. My advice to him would be to work on perfecting his southern accent. I’m not talking about southern Bangladesh either. And if he can’t sound southern, he could at least throw in a few y’alls and a couple fixin’ to’s every once in a while.

Yeah, Macaca, welcome to Murfreesboro and the REAL America!!!!

Stephen “The Worst Journalist in Murfreesboro, and Possibly The World” Lewis was unsatisfied that Dr. Saxena merely lost, so he takes the opportunity to kick him when he’s down by questioning his legitimacy to represent Tennessee. Stay classy, Stephen Lewis.

For his final act, this jerkoff decides to deliver a SUPER relevant song parody that’s gonna get to the heart of the matter with satire. What’s an appropriate theme song for Barack Obama’s 21st century presidency? Stephen Lewis dug through his five-page dossier on “All Things Black” and came out with “The Jeffersons”. Of course! A TV theme song from a 30 year old show. Why didn’t we think of this ourselves??

I’m so confident in his success that I wrote a song about it and would like to present it to all Post readers as my “Ode to President Obama.” I do apologize to those of you who are under 30 years of age since you probably won’t “get it.” However, if you will tune into TV Land you can catch the opening of The Jeffersons and it may make more sense to you. And remember, if this offends you, your man got elected. So really you have the last laugh.

(Sung by Obama to the theme song of “The Jeffersons”):

“Well we’re movin’ on up,
To Washington, D.C.
To a deee-luxe pimp pad,
Painted whiiiite.
Yeah we’re movin’ on up,
To the White House.
I’ll be jetting with P. Diddy cross the sky.

McCain can’t score on the east coast,
Palin was just a cute, cheap thrill.
Took a whole lot of campaign promises,
To take over Capitol Hill.
Now we’re livin’ in the White House
Chewin’ on the government fat.
As long as we here
It’s tax, tax, tax!
Ripping off the rich fat cats!

Well we’re movin’ on up
To the big time.
To a dee-luxe sweet crib
That’s just too fly.
Moooovin’ on up
To D.C.
I finally showed McCain I’m the guy!”

Thank you! I’m here all week. Try the veal.

The real point of this posting is not that you should get all outraged over this, demand this guy’s resignation or bandy this about as proof that racism is real.

The point is, this guy is living in the past, he’s not talented, not funny and he’s used a valuable opportunity to speak to the public to air a bunch of bigoted comments. Ultimately, he’s just embarrassing himself.

Commenter “JC1” skewered Lewis quite skillfully:This column offends me as a journalist. Too many people in our profession are so insulated, so consumed with what amuses them and their cohorts in their newsrooms, that they fail to remember that they are writing for real people. This column is self-serving journalism at its worst – it serves no purpose other than to give one ignorant racist a forum for his childish, shameful humor. No reader is better off for having read this column, no point has been made, no purpose has been served at all. This is worthless journalism, another nail in the coffin of our profession. How can you expect the public to trust any of us if one of us is passing this type of opinion piece off as legitimate journalism?

Stephen Lewis, we officially invite you to go fuck yourself.


UPDATE (3 PM): According to commenters on the original article posted on the Murfreesboro Post’s site, Stephen Lewis the jackass columnist MAY be the same Stephen Lewis who presides over the Rock Springs Elementary School in nearby La Vergne. Commenter “Fitzcomm” states, “I am sure. I called Rutherford County Schools.”

Principal Lewis has not yet returned an email seeking comment.

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One Response to TN columnist firmly entrenched in 20th century

  1. Sherry Taylor-Reynolds says:

    I am from TN a small town called Clarkrange. I so enjoy Mr. Lewis’s articles that I download them for the purpose of a wholesome laugh,and my neighbours who enjoy him so much that I make copies. In this area near Raleigh,NC, we see some very poor journalists, and worse attempts at Journalism. Mr.Lewis puts into words what MANY of want to say but don’t have the time, sense of humor, or in the verbal skills to say. Don’t read his page if you don’t like what he likes. Those of here on the golf course look forward to his delightfully fresh spin on the many subjects he writes about. I suppose I’m stuck in a different era as well. The day when we could spank our kids without fear of accusations of abuse, we didn’t expect the government to feed our kids, and we grew the largest part of what we ate. I feel for the up and coming generations. Keep up the good work Stephen Lewis…we need more just like you!!

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