Signs the NYT Might Be Planning To Make Fun of You

Caption: Bill Pennington at his shop in Vernon, Ala. John McCain won 76 percent of the county’s vote.

Heads up Southerners, Plains residents and Appalachians: the New York Times may be headed to your town for a little victory dance. Obama’s keeping kind of a low profile, so they’re staying busy by gloating about the triumph of the urban elite. Don’t let them quote you in their hit pieces on the regions that lost out in last week’s vote.

Here’s what to watch out for:

1. They show up at your Alabama barbershop looking for a little “post-election conversation.”

2. The story they quote you in is headlined “For South, a Waning Hold on National Politics.

3. The city slicker reporter mockingly admires your hunting and fishing trophies before asking, “Say, you guys heard about those rumors that Obama’s a Muslim?”

4. Their next stop after interviewing you? The Shop and Save parking lot, to interview a crazy racist lady: “I think there are going to be outbreaks from blacks. From where I’m from, this is going to give them the right to be more aggressive.”

Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

About Alpine McGregor
Just like you, man. I got the shotgun, you got the briefcase. All in the game, though, right?

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