Netanyahu: Hebrew for “to plagiarize”

Remember Benjamin Netanyahu?

He’s the Israeli conservative leader who was briefly Prime Minister in the 90s, and has been keeping up the opposition to the centrist Kadima party for quite some time.

Anyway, he’s running to take over the country again, and change course from the cede-territory-to-the-Palestinians crowd who have been in control so far this decade.

Wait a minute, did somebody say “change”?

On the left: Obama. On the right: Benja-Bama.

Yup, he completely copied Obama’s campaign website.

The NYTIMES reports:

Mr. Netanyahu is positioning himself as the candidate of new ideas both for Israel itself and for peace with the Palestinians.

The ideas revolve around economic opportunities, aides say, cutting red tape to improve the Palestinian economy; building peace from the ground up, not the top down; and improving life in Israel with a bold domestic agenda involving improved education, economic growth and personal security against increased crime.

The aides are convinced that negotiations with Palestinian leaders will lead nowhere and that the best steps Israel can take, as it waits for Palestinian attitudes to change, involve building the Palestinian economy. Ms. Livni has vowed to continue the talks with the Palestinians, which she is helping to lead.

Mr. Netanyahu’s aides add that just as the Obama campaign linked Mr. McCain to President Bush, they plan to label Ms. Livni as a continuation of the status quo and Mr. Netanyahu as the candidate of change.

“Yes he can,” one aide said, with a touch of self-parody. “He believes he is the guy who can do it.”

Our trusty tipster C. Dave sent us this link via ANDREW SULLIVAN, who says that “The Obama web campaign will be copied and copied and copied again. Because its structure is exactly where media and campaigning are headed.”

Nothing wrong with that, of course. But lifting the whole web design is a little weak…

That’s not change. That’s more of the same!!

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