Talk about a bad day at work

heidi s-p\

On a recent spacewalk, International Space Station astronaut Heidimarie Stefanyshyn-Piper, the first Minnesotan woman in space, was attempting to lube up some joints…

(As risque as that sounds, we’re pretty sure it was just routine maintenance.)

Anyway, HS-P was doing her thing when she realized that her NASA-issue grease gun had exploded in her tool bag. She attempted to clean up the situation…and the tool bag floated just out of reach…

Watching the tool bag floating mere feet away, with the astronaut helpless to go get it, is a pretty amusing sight.

The lost bag was worth $100,000…

Unlike the hundred eff-ups you commit at work every day, this poor woman’s blunder is international news. The toolbag is visible with the naked eye as it streaks across the sky.

One amateur Canadian astronomer caught the toolbag in flight and posted the video to YouTube:

You too can catch the lost toolbag floating across the heavens thanks to this satellite tracking webpage that will tell you when to look skyward for a shiny white dot…

On the plus side, it turns out that the ISS had backups of everything in the toolbag on hand, so the lost satchel won’t set them back or imperil them in any way.

Stefanyshin-Piper seems unfazed by this embarrassing incident…but we suppose that when you’ve already fainted twice during a crew return ceremony, a little international shame doesn’t bother you.


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