Female Marines Get Around

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[UPDATE: We would have deleted this embarrassing article by now, but we feel that the ass-kicking we received in the comments was worthy of preservation.]

A startling new study from the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) reveals the incontrovertible truth: a fair number of female Marine recruits have a penchant for drugs and a serious case of condom scorn!

Conclusions: A significant proportion of young women entering the Marine Corps present with [sexually transmitted infections (STIs)] and/or recent sexual behavior that put them at risk for acquiring STIs despite high group means for prevention skills. Deficiencies in STI/HIV knowledge and motivation to reduce risk (denoted by negative attitudes towards condom use and acceptance of the connection between sex and substance abuse) are possible targets for intervention.

Now, calm yourselves skeptics, because unlike many of the other blogs that are pushing this story, we actually read the full report, bylined by the sexily named Cherrie B. Boyer, PhD.

Concerned about sample size? 94.2% of incoming female recruits participated.

Think a few slutty apples spoiled the whole damn bunch? 81% of those participating reported a history of sexual experience, thereby forming the relevant study sample.

You some kind of bigot who think certain ethnicities give it up more often than others? This sample was racially balanced (50% white, 25% Hispanic, 20% African-American, 5% other).

Convinced that things aren’t like they used to be in the demure good old days, and everyone, uniformed or not, is a nympho now? “The overall STI rate (14.1%) is far above the highest value reported by any population-based study of adolescent and young women (8.0%) from the National Survey of Family Growth.”

There’s no two ways about it. Quite a few of the young women joining the armed forces these days are skanks – condom-declining, heavy-drug-abusing, multiple-partner-boning…

No doubt many Marine recruits are paragons of moral virtue. However, there are also those described in the following excerpts:

Those in the highest quartile of STI risk scores were significantly more likely to be younger, single, have more knowledge about STIs, have less positive condom attitudes, have perceptions of higher STI risk, agree with statements that sex is more likely/enjoyable under the influence of alcohol, and be heavy alcohol and drug users in the month before recruit training entry.


It is very encouraging that young women in this study correctly assessed and reported their risk for STIs. However, it is also evident that their perception of STI risk was not related to a reduction in sexual risk behavior.


In conclusion, young women enter recruit training for the military with high levels of STIs and increased risk for acquisition of STIs including sex under the influence of alcohol and drugs, sex with a risky partner, and infrequent condom use. The persistence of these behaviors after the completion of recruit training may undermine the combat readiness of these young women early in their military service.

There you have it! America is at risk because these ladies cannot behave themselves!

Prisoner-torturing, public-sex-having, getting-preggers-while-on-active-duty Lynndie England was no outlier…seems our military forces are pervaded by lovers of strange, risky dong…


There’s also this nugget…

However, even after adjusting for the effect of STI risk score, our results indicated the importance of the race/ethnicity of the participant’s last sexual partner and the location of the participant’s home residence. These findings are consistent with previous research that describes the importance of social and sexual network influences such as male sexual partnerships and geographically defined areas of disease risk.


Yeah we’re not touching that one with a ten-foot pole. No pun intended. MOVING ON…

We’ve been around the block enough times to expect to find down-and-dirty behavior everywhere we look, if we only look hard enough. When Governors are banging hookers and Congressmen are lustily chasing same-sex pages, it can hardly be a shock that foot soldiers are screwing their brains out while wasted.

And we don’t think anyone is going to dispute our guess that male Marines are probably even worse.

Still, next time you hear a politician or TV host mouthing platitudes about the fine moral values of our military men and women, just keep in mind that if you get into the sack with one, YOU BEST WRAP IT UP.


UPDATE: We were completely and utterly taken to task on this one by LCpl S., who rightly pointed out that this was a completely irresponsible piece of writing that unfairly misrepresented the moral character of thousands of fine lady Marines. Since this commentary beatdown was long overdue we feel it’s our responsibility to concede the following points: (1) Once the subset of all recruits who behaved in a way described as “slutty” in this post actually joined the armed services, it’s likely they began adhering to a stricter code of conduct – thus the title of the post is misleading and likely inaccurate. (2) Lynddie England is no Marine, not literally, not figuratively, is not now, never was. It’s a dis on any group to include her in it, even by implication, so we apologize for that one. (3) Regardless of whom you are hitting it with, everyone should wrap it up. Three excellent points that our obnoxious drive-by analysis completely failed to consider. Thanks for your comment, LCpl S., which was far more well-considered than this incendiary-for-the-sake-of-being-incendiary post probably deserved.

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17 Responses to Female Marines Get Around

  1. LCpl S. says:

    I was bored during my night shift as an Military Policewoman and came across this while on desk duty. You guys got it all wrong.

    You misread the study, which documented the recruits’ background and sexual behavior BEFORE they joined. It only took the survey from female recruits at the beginning of bootcamp. I don’t speak for every female Marine, but the some of the ones in my bootcamp platoon were sexually abused, had low self-esteem, or did not have anyone at home looking out for them, which may result in what you call “slutty” behavior. And then there were many girls who had none of these problems. They may be “tramps” going into training, but our drill instructors teach many values as well as self-confidence and self-respect. I stress again, many recruits did not have anyone to teach them morals or values at home, and for some, recruit training is the first place they learn these things. The change is forever.

    Marines in general, like many young people at college campuses around the nation, love to party. It’s a young adult thing, not a Marine thing. Go to any college frat party and you’ll find worse. Having experienced both the military and college(I have my Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice), I can say that I feel safer around my fellow Marines than a bunch of frat boys.

    I’m not full of disease, I’m definately not a whore, and to stereotype all of us as such is pure ignorance. EVERYONE should wrap it up, regardless of whom they sleep with.

    oh and Lyddie England is NOT a Marine, she is a nasty ARMY RESERVIST and in no way represents a positive female role model for us. There is a huge difference between the Army and the Marine Corps, and if you did your research properly you would know that. The Marine Corps has very strict policies on Fraternization amongst Marines (There’s a Marine Corps Order on it)and as a female your reputation is all you have sometimes. Sleeping around can actually ruin your career, as the males are worse gossips than those chicks on The Hills. Things are quite old fashioned in the Corps when it comes to male-female relations, but you never bothered to go to the source, did you? Next time, do your homework.

    This is the “free speech” I’m defending? I joined the Marines to defend my country. I work long hours, weekends, and holidays. I’ve seen my family twice since I’ve joined. I work hard to keep my base safe and should I have to go to war I have no qualms about it. Instead of calling my and my sisters-in-arms sluts and whores, we’d rather you just say “Thankyou.” and be on your way.

    • Anonymous says:

      oorah sister.

    • That is BS is you think that 13 weeks of a bootcamp is going to change/help a lifetime of being raised with no morals, being sexually abused, or low self-esteem? That’s a joke right there. If you had these issues why would you want to join the most male oriented branch of our military? There you go, like I said…these women already crave male attention either the right or wrong kind of attention…

      I am sorry that these things may have happened to some girls but it’s not an excuse to sleep around. Yes there is the small small amount that are not slutty which are usually the older women, however they still revel in being surrounded by men all day everyday. Yes it’s true.

      And I am sorry but I’ve been around this long enough to know that the Marine Corps “old traditional value/moral system” is a joke now. I have seen countless CO’s brush fraternization, infidelity and other “illegal/ chargeable” accounts under the rug. It’s too much paperwork to be honest. So let’s not act like these things deter marines and female marines from this type of behavior very frequently.

      While I do admit that there are girls in college that may have been the town
      bicycle, atleast they didn’t goto college to strictly be around men and be in a male dominated environment. Atleast if something happens then they can say, “oops my bad, don’t ever have to see those guys ever again”. The Marine Corps is a small world and if you’re a hooker then you deserve to have your name tarnished in the Corps.

      I can say thank you for your service, and
      that’s great people like you want to have your job, but I can still say at the end of the day…well…

  2. Sgt.J says:

    I a agree with lcpl.S. The corps may have began in a bar, but its members are some of the finest americans i have ever served with. It is our trademark to take people, send them to a far away place and make them better people (MCRD) It is true that most marines came from hard backgrounds, why do you think we go out with a bang when fighting in midst of a battle? why is it marines are so naturally aggrssive? why do you think we are above the rest? why do you think we are most respected and admired by heroic reputation? We may not be among the most educated, smartest, but we put in our time and we do a better job. There is alot of mishaps that happen in every branch- the marine corps has its own, we are probably not near as bad as any other single branch since we make up 5% of the nations armed forces. I will never know what it is like on the females side of the corps- i did my time in the infantry- but let me tell you they work as hard if not harder as we did. They put in their blood and sweat on the same quater deck as i did, and in a heart beat would have my back if i needed help and vice versa. you would not find this kind of dedication in any other branch- other branches simply do not police their own effectively.

    I agree totaly with Lcpl. S entirely. She is 100% correct when she talks about fraternaty partys and young men and women. Some of the activity that happens there is as bad if not worse then what people assume is going on in the corps.

    There is atleast 100 more differant ways i can prove that she is right. I know that there is alot of people out there that post just to get a rise out of others, and i got alot to say to people like that.

    Anyways- semper fi Lcpl. I have alot of respect for your opinions and views as i think that they are right down to earth.

    Sgt. J
    USMC 2002-2006
    US Army – 09-preasent- Trust me the corps is much better!

  3. Cpl NonPC says:

    Yeah anyone who has spent more than a week in the fleet can support this article.

  4. Pvt. Parts says:

    I can only agree to a certain extent. Many female service members in my experience kick off with a party mentality, wich is just the same for males. Although… Men can’t get pregnant! Yeah I know, thats not fair, but it’s true. Pregnant service members take away from mission readiness and disables that service member from being deployed. In my opinion pregnancy out of wedlock in the military should be seen as neglegence, and both male and Female service members should be charged. After-all it is a neglegent discharge.

  5. Iknowall says:

    Female marines ARE whores 100%. First of all I have been a marine wife for 15 years so I have seen alot of everything that goes on.

    My question is, why do these girls need to join the marine corps? yes, they supposedly are the “best” military branch around but also the least frequency of women? Umm duh! Because these girls already crave men attention and interaction…therefore most have low self esteem or “daddy issues”… For lack of a better reference.

    These “women” crave any kind of male attention, and let’s not be ignorant wives…there is alcohol very available to marines at any time… Whether it be at home, or on DETS or deployments…

    Lets mix alcohol, being away from your spouse, porn viewing, and slutty female marines with no morals…umm what does that equal?

    Don’t sit there and be the “stay at home happy marine wife that takes care of your baby”

    • RealWoman says:

      Why do ‘girls’ need to join the Marine Corps? We don’t. We join because we want to put the effort into becoming a part of something bigger than ourselves and better ourselves, plus a lot of reasons that are different based on the individual. Generally, the same reasons that ‘boys’ join the Marines.

      Yes there are women who don’t have as much respect for themselves and their sexuality as they should. Fitting into a male dominated organization, especially one like the Marine Corps, is a difficult balance for a lot of them to deal with. They have to be as tough as the men, but with different morals. We live under that stereotype that we’re all promiscuous, and I can tell you for one that we’re not.

      My reasons for joining the Marine Corps were to serve my country, to challenge myself, to broaden my perspective by getting opportunities to be sent to other countries, and to serve with the best damn men and women out there.

      Don’t worry, I didn’t work my ass off to get my degree in Linguistics with a minor in Military Science and go through 13 weeks of hell to be any kind of stay at home wife, and my husband loves me for the values and ambition I have.

      “Female Marines are whores 100%”
      I’m at a loss.

  6. buhh buhh says:

    I’ve been in Okinawa for 3 years. Most marines can not go off base alone nor get a license. The barracks are a female marine’s Brothel. Every Female has a harem of young and horny males following her every strut. If this survey were to be truly accurate, it should have been conducted with fleet female marines. The numbers would have been much higher. Not all female marines are sluts, just 95%.

  7. amanda miller says:

    95% sounds about right to me! My husband works with predominantly men, but the “clerks” coming from bn office tend to get pregnant and/or earn themselves a rep quickly. Also I personally know of wives whose husbands had affairs with whores on deployments. All I can say is, it wouldn’t happen if they weren’t there!

  8. Catherine says:

    This piece of garbage writing is irritating and only adds to existing stereotypes directed at Marines and women in general. I agree with LCpl S on so many points and I am very appreciative of her well-stated post. Outstanding job.

    The culture of the Marine Corps is obviously dominated by aggression, toughness, discipline, dominance, and other traits often associated as “masculine” by our society. As women, it is sometimes generally assumed that by virtue of our gender we will naturally lack these characteristics and are somehow inferior to the men as a result. Because of this perception, however, many women who join the Marine Corps quickly learn that if they are to gain and hold respect from our male peers, we must strive to outperform them in everything that we do. This includes being sexually responsible.

    I served for nine years. During that time, I made a conscious decision to repress my sexuality to a great extent in order to act as an example for all of my Marines, females in particular, and to try to dispel this ridiculous notion that we are all sluts and any more promiscuous than, as LCpl S mentions, any other young adult population. I cracked down hard on my female Marines that did add to this unfair stereotype, hopefully setting them on a more responsible path with regards to their sexual behavior. As we always say “perception is reality,” and that is something I drove into the minds of every young woman I had the privilege to command.

    There are many points to add to this, but I would just like raise the issue of what it means for a woman to be considered a “slut” to begin with. Though my sexual activity was actually quite tame during my service, I found it to be a senseless double standard that, because I am female, my perfectly natural sexual desires must be repressed simply because I am female. My sexuality is an fundamental part of who I am, and for me to be required to hide my sexual desires, or at least limit my sexual activity, is to hide a part of myself, to deny who I truly am. Yet I did so, I placed my ever-increasing sexual urges on the back burner, so to speak, and worked very hard to keep my sexual partners to a minimum, and my libido in check.

    And I do not believe it was even warranted. Why exactly are women Marines subject to some backward conception that we must limit our sexual partners? It is a matter of pride for many males to sort of collect sexual partners. It makes them more “manly.” Yet if women are a little promiscuous, we are immediately labeled as whores or sluts. Honestly, I enjoy sex as much as the next person. I crave it like anyone else. If I wish to be a slut, I should have the option. I am so sick of being forced to consider my seductiveness, my charm, my grace, as things to be ashamed of. If I wish to have wild, crazy sex, I should and do have that right. It doesn’t necessarily make me a slut, it makes a me human being subject to the same sexual forces that men take for granted.

    Anyway, in my experience most female Marines strive to be sexually responsible. I put my own sex life on hold for nearly nine years. To call those of us who made that sacrifice “sluts” is absolutely insulting and ignorant.

    • No you didn’t put any sex life on hold… BS. Get in line with the other service member whores.

      • "sluttymarine" says:

        Of course the only logical replies to this post are from marines haha. Stop being ignorant and support those who are serving. I joined the marines not because of the males, because you will get that with any branch, but because I want to be the best. Look at job statistics male or female I plan to work for the CIA or FBI after my enlistment and who are they going to pick out of any branch? Marine. Besides if it’s not your body it’s not your problem. A lot of these posts sound like they are from bitter military wives who can’t control their husbands. Find something better to do than sh$t talk female marines.

        I completely agree with Catherine well said!

  9. Corporal King V-- II IV says:

    LCpl S. — Wow, well said.

    jessicaappleby — Hey Jessica, 1. yes; 13 weeks of 19 hour days training does completely change a person creating responsibility, intestinal fortitude, cohesion, and many other traits which by your ignorant post I can assume you’re lacking.

    2. You can just create ‘facts’ because this is the internet? unfortunately so; “these women already crave male attention either the right or wrong kind of attention” and so that’s why they join the Marine Corps… Nope, that statement is as real as a unicorn. You’re talking out of your ass, Marine Wife (see below if so)? Never served huh?

    Iknowall: Shut up… Marine Wife?

    amanda miller: Aha! Marine Wife! Why do male Marines get married? 1. To get out of the barracks, and 2. to get half decent non-chow-hall-food and to have a stay-at-home slut to put-out on call…. We didn’t marry you to hear you talk so shut your mouth.

    Sgt.J: Oorah brother; also well said.

    Personally I love a hot Female Marine over a hot Marine wife (Which no, even though such a high majority of them are super-sluts I do not touch out of respect of it’s another Marines claimed slut)

    But I love a Hot Female Marine Slut the most!!! Be smart and wrap it and screw whoever you want ladies; you deserve to enjoy yourselves. If you haven’t put your time in just shut your skank mouth.

    Semper 29

  10. Married 1 says:

    My ex-wife was a Marine for nearly ten years. She confessed, after marriage, to having at least one hundred sexual partners while in the Corps.
    She lied about being on birth control pills and I was dumb enough to not wrap it up anyway. She even showed her pill box and how she was up-to-date. I took her word for it! 5 weeks after meeting her, I found out I was going be a daddy. Trapped! She later admitted it was a trap!!
    Additionally, I got herpes that she told me that she got it while in the Corps. She had no problem keeping it a secret so I would date her.
    She agreed with another Marine that once told me that the days were for coffee and cigarettes and the nights were for alcohol and sex.
    She is a morally corrupt person that is now living off of PDRL money that was awarded from fraud. She lied to a medical review board in Bathesda regarding use of her left arm, neck numbness, and muscle fatigue after surgery. I discovered that she took either none or too much medication prior to blood panels with the hope of having messed-up results. It worked!!! She received 92K in arrears and 100% disability. Today that is $3,166 (tax-free) per month. I was told to leave 3 months after the awarding of money and ONE DAY after signing for our new house.
    Sex, lies….

    • Epidemic! says:

      Do female marines get a course in this?

      I also was trapped wit the birth control excuse. My news arrived 2 months after we started a relationship.
      We later married and that’s when she revealed she trapped me as well.
      Herpes?! Sadly this was transmitted too. This was kept a secret until I was diagnosed with it.
      Coincidence? I’m wondering is this is status quo. It’s disgusting. I thought military personnel would have better ethics. Maybe it’s the woman part of the equation.


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