A Nude Terry Glenn Roams Hotel Hallways

glenn mugshot

Former Patriots, Packers and Cowboys wide receiver Terry Glenn has made quite a name for himself when it comes to trouble with the police.

Unlike many other pro athletes who run afoul of Johnny Law, Glenn has a knack for getting arrested for some seriously wacky shiznit.

His latest antics are pretty laughable – but we still don’t think they’re his most hilarious ever…


His health in question, Terry Glenn is out of football.

His personal life in turmoil, Terry Glenn is out of jail.

For now.

According to Irving police, Glenn, the Dallas Cowboys’ leading receiver in 2005 and an integral part of their 2006 playoff team, was arrested at a hotel last week on charges of public intoxication and possession of marijuana. He also had four outstanding traffic warrants issued in Roanoke.

Irving PD spokesman David Tull says officers were summoned to the Extended Stay Deluxe Hotel near Meadow Creek Drive and Highway 114 on a suspicious person call. A source familiar with the incident says Glenn had been seen roaming the hotel’s hallways naked, but Irving PD could not confirm that account.

Terrance Tyree Glenn was arrested Jan. 25 at 10:30 p.m. and posted bond Jan. 26 at 7:30 a.m.

Not to be outdone, TMZ takes that potential nudity and embellishes it with a really, really funny mental image provided by an anonymous source:

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ the front desk received several complaints from guests — but one person claimed they saw Glenn lying on the floor in a hallway with his pants down.

We’re also told Glenn went off on the hotel employee who called the cops, saying “You don’t f**kin’ know me … I don’t give a f**k what you do … get the f**k outta here!”

As the Boston Herald’s Inside Track tells it, this isn’t Terry Glenn’s first time behind jail bars, and he often has problems keeping his pants belted and zipped up.

We now present Terry’s greatest hit!

The former Patriot is no stranger to legal problems. He was booked for public intoxication in 2005 when officers caught him urinating behind a fast-food restaurant dumpster, and in 2001, he was hauled in for assaulting the mother of his then-5-year-old son in Wrentham.

Of course, our favorite Terry story was from Thanksgiving 1999 at then-teammate Willie McGinest’s annual turkey throwdown at the late, lamented Palace.

Glenn…apparently ingested a bad ice cube and had to be carried out of the joint. Outside, the erstwhile No. 88 reportedly urinated on a limo and then got into the stretch, greeting the stunned occupants with the most memorable bon mot in Flying Elvis history. “Get out of my limo, bitches!”

If you ask us, these repeated misdemeanors are just a cry for help.

Has Terry ever gotten over the psychic pain inflicted by Bill Parcells calling him a “she” during his rookie year??

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