Shite Georgians dare to challenge Putin


Who remembers the 2008 South Ossetia war?

It was the kerfuffle that happened during the Olympics.

Remember when Bush and Putin were checking out the opening ceremonies, and Putin’s all “Yo by the way I’m invading Georgia right now,” and Bush was like “WTF dude?” and Putin was basically all “Try and stop me you numbskull,” and Bush backed down…

The deal was essentially that Georgia, a smaller former republic of the USSR, was being a thorn in Putin’s side by getting all Westernized and trying to get into NATO, buddying up with the USA and possibly threatening to host a nuclear missile shield that could diminish Putin’s global might.

As if Putin is going to let this happen?

Naturally, he moved to squelch this threat and bring Georgian leader Mikheil Saakashvili down a peg.

He exploited the problem of two breakaway Georgian regions to foster unrest within Georgian borders…

By hook or by crook, he tricked the Georgians into invading one of the regions, South Ossetia – whether out of hubris or paranoia is still unclear.

Then, as soon as the Georgians advanced into Ossetia, Putin’s forces crushed them (see above) under the guise of protecting Russian peacekeepers. The Russian Navy blockaded the Georgian Black Sea ports and the Air Force bombed the Georgian interior.

Less than a week after Saakashvili gave the order to advance, his troops were routed, and the Russian army was occupying Georgian cities.

And that’s how the business gets done.

The Georgians withdrew, the Russians triumphed, and NATO observers thought that the Georgians started it, screwing everything up for Saakashvili’s bid to join their ranks.

Putin for the win!!

Anyway, this was a good six months and one Michael Phelps bong rip ago.

Water under the bridge, right? No!

Apparently some crap Georgian musicians are pissed and ready to speak their puny minds! With incredibly derivative disco!!

Still smarting from war with Russia six months ago, Georgians have picked a song for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow that takes a swipe at Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

The disco song “We Don’t Wanna Put In” by Stefane & 3G was chosen late on Wednesday by a jury and public vote on Georgian television, and has already caused a stir on the Internet.

It promises to receive a cool reception in Moscow on May 12-16.

The English-language chorus runs:
“We don’t wanna put in,
Cuz negative move,
It’s killin’ the groove,
I’m gonna try to shoot in,
Some disco tonight,
Boogie with you.”

The band has not hidden the fact the song alludes to Putin, the ex-Russian president who evokes strong feelings in Georgia.

“Since we (Georgia) decided to take part, we need to send a message to Europe and first of all to Moscow,” song producer Kakha Tsiskaridze told Reuters on Thursday.

“The song is called “Put In” and its text carries a double meaning,” he said. “I think everyone will understand what we want to say. It’s important for us to say what Georgia wants to say as a country.”

Quite a political statement you made Kakha, a dumbass English-language song about how “negative move is killing the groove”?!

Your pathetic military strategy is what’s killing the groove, you crybabies!!

At least Putin now knows the Georgian people stand as one, defiantly ready to boogie.

Devastating, we’re sure.

What’s worse, the song is totally crap. Check it out if you don’t mind boring music…

Nice try Georgia, but maybe next time you decide to step to Putin, maybe you bring the stones to fight more than five days against a rickety ass Soviet army.

And certainly do not be trifling with a shite, trite disco song that bites.

You may think your little disco number is sending a message, well here’s a message for you straight from the man himself.

MC Putin.

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