Mono County Police Work: Hunt, Fish, Ride, Snowmobile, Bust Some Idiots!

Mono County, California, is located along the Nevada border.

It’s a desolate place known mostly as the locale of Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort, an epic winter destination where the slopes are tasty and none of the employees are bearded.

Apart from Mammoth, there really isn’t that much going on in Mono County. They have about 13,000 residents, not even enough to have their own congressional district.

There are some natural wonders to behold. Oh, and a ghost town!

It’s a locale where a design for a new courthouse becomes the hot topic…because it’s too fruity and “Santa Monica” for the rugged Mono folks.

So it’s safe to say things are probably pretty damn relaxed in Mono County…an assumption that is only confirmed by a visit to the county Sheriff Department’s website.

Here you can find press releases on all the high crimes and misdemeanors that the law has to battle in those parts.

A few highlights are “Elderly Man Arrested Twice Within 24 Hours,” “Window Smashed at Tiger Bar by Drunk Patron,” and “Erratic Driving Leads to Interesting Traffic Stop and Arrest.

(That last one is particularly weird: “During a search of Mr. Kavanach’s vehicle, the Deputy discovered a loaded handgun that was hidden inside the vehicle’s multiple CD changer in the trunk, a ski mask with goggles, gas mask, wig and mustache, additional ammunition and photos and maps of bridges, commercial structures, and various locations in California including the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant.”)

So apparently while they wait around for evildoers to show up with costumes and potentially diabolical plans, or just drunken old men wandering around town, the Sheriff’s Department doesn’t fail to keep busy.

Why, just peruse the images posted to their website…

Here’s the deputies huntin’ and fishin’!




Here are the deputies getting their ride on – on steeds of flesh and of iron!



Undoubtedly the best part of the website is the pictures from “Taser Training”.

Watch the Mono County deputies tase the shit out each other!



The ladies were not spared…




Wait a minute – did they tase the same woman twice?

Either they’re sisters, or someone made the mistake of stealing the Sheriff/Coroner’s parking spot the week of Taser Training…

ANYWAY, other than our apparent obsession with Sheriffs this week, this fine outfit came to our attention via a link forwarded by Nils Coq au Vin.

Seems that when they aren’t yanking fish out of Mono Lake or shooting each other with Tasers, the Sheriff’s Department is tricking stupid Orange County residents into showing up in their jurisdiction loaded down with drugs.

Then they arrest them while wielding assault rifles!! Bad ass!

Over the past week, agents with the Mono Narcotic Enforcement Team (MONET) have operated an internet based sting operation. Officers report that agents posed as the sellers of vouchers for Mammoth Mountain. Rather than cash, officers say they clearly stated that the lift tickets were to be exchanged for narcotics.

MONET agents say they received numerous offers from prospective buyers. The deals were arranged for Friday in Mammoth. When the buyers arrived in Mammoth and gave the agents narcotics in exchange for vouchers, they were arrested.

With visible arrests in broad daylight Friday, the Town of Mammoth was abuzz with talk of the arrests. Friday afternoon, Police could be seen holding the suspects at gunpoint in a parking lot off Old Mammoth road. The suspects appeared to be dressed for a day on the slopes, but instead found themselves in front of officers pointing pistols and assault rifles at them.

There were a total of 6 suspects arrested and charged. Officers say that they seized about 1 pound of marijuana, ¼ ounce of cocaine, Ecstasy tablets, and a variety of prescription medications.

Officers arrested 22 year old Travis Jennings of San Luis Obispo, 28 year old Joshua Martin of Newport Beach, 30 year old Christopher Nichols of Newport Beach, 27 year old Molly Malloy of Huntington Beach, and 21 year old Jonathan Morrison of Highland Park.

All suspects were booked into the Mono County Jail on charges ranging from sales of controlled substance, possession of cocaine, sales and possession of more than 1 oz. of marijuana and conspiracy.

Local blog Sierra Wave has pictures of the bust, and they’re a delicious combo of ridiculous and awe-inspiring.

[UPDATE: The pictures have been buried. Tragic.]

A pound of weed, some coke, a little ecstasy…not a lot of dope on the table there, but what the hell, at least five O.C. deadbeats will think twice before bringing their doper asses to Mammoth again…

And sure, the assault rifles probably weren’t needed. But they look cool as hell, so who cares!

A story in the Orange County Register reveals that the method of the sting was deliciously simple…just a post on Craigslist saying “Lift tickets for 420, yo” and the drug fiends came sprinting right into the trap!

Four Orange County residents were arrested in Mammoth Lakesin a sting involving undercover police officers selling ski lift tickets for drugs, police officials confirmed today.

Mono County Sheriff’s Department officers advertised on an offer to sell lift vouchers for Mammoth Lakes’ skiing area in exchange for narcotics. The buyers came to Mammoth Lakes, gave the agents the drugs, and were arrested Friday, Mono sheriff’s officials said.


This was the first time this type of sting has been done by the department, Mono sheriff’s spokeswoman Shannon Kendall said.

But assuredly not the last, because in between all the snowmobiling, horseback riding, and fishing, you best BELIEVE the Mono County Sheriff’s Department is gonna bust some lowlifes.

Even if they have to import them!

And after a hard day’s work, it’s time to take on the local high school in a spirited game of b-ball…


We already know what you’re thinking.

Apply for a job in the Mono County Sheriff’s Department by clicking here!

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4 Responses to Mono County Police Work: Hunt, Fish, Ride, Snowmobile, Bust Some Idiots!

  1. SL says:

    There are no fish in Mono Lake. It’s a salt water lake, yo.

  2. bubba says:

    must be one hell of a boring place if all the sheriff has to do is lure people from out of the area to bust. then this cunty little blog cheers them on….what a bunch of sisterfuckers!

  3. mo says:

    This is a group of bottom feeding chicken shit losers…Plain and simple waste of our tax dollars.

  4. Barry says:

    calling people idiots for getting busted after cops lie to them is like calling girls idiots for getting date raped or kids idiots when a perv leads them into a van with candy. why is it ok for these people to entrap and lie to people, completely fucking their lives over FOR NO GOOD REASON?

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