Fusing in Lust with Gullible Sugar Mamas

The 44-year-old playboy researched his targets diligently before approaching potential victims in luxury hotels, expensive spa retreats and chic ski resorts. His encounters with rich but lonely women in Germany, Austria and Switzerland generated a lucrative stream of earnings.

Letters written by Helg Sgarbi, which were leaked to the German press, revealed how he used a potent mixture of flattery and sexual allusions to earn their affections.

“Dearest, do you remember how we fused in lust on the beach and you groaned loudly with passion?” he wrote to one woman.

He told another “very special lady”: “You live for love, and you are right to do so, because that is what life is all about.”

He was disarmingly frank when he first came to the attention of Swiss police in 2001. “I live off money that women give me,” he told them.

Nicknamed ‘James Bond’ by some of his conquests for his smooth-talking charm, he boasted that he could read women “like a map”.

He spun several of his unsuspecting lovers the same terrifying tale to extract large sums of money. Sgarbi told his victims he had been involved in a car accident in the US in which he had injured the daughter of a mafia mobster.

Unless he could come up with several million dollars in ‘compensation’, the mob would kill him, he claimed.

It was a surprisingly successful ruse, netting him millions of pounds until police finally caught up with him last year after his latest victim, billionaire German heiress Susanne Klatten, refused to give in to any further blackmail.

As the preceding report from the TELEGRAPH descibes, Swiss gigolo Helg Scarbi scammed millions of Euros from women he tricked into sleeping with him and then helping him pay an imaginary debt.

However, his lil’ scheme evaporated when he tried to blackmail Germany’s richest woman for 49 million in E-money.

How did a no-account fraudster from the land of neutrality charm the underpants off of high society Euro dames?

Turns out his M.O. was straight out of Louis Prima…he was just so sad and lonely.

Mrs Klatten told German police after Sgarbi was arrested: “He was charming, attentive and at the same time seemed very sad. That stirred a feeling in me that we had something in common.”

But the German public and press have been intrigued as to why a woman who had a famous name, a loving family and an unimaginably large fortune would risk everything for a fast-talking fraudster of no more than average good looks.

Zing!! We’re not such who got slammed harder there, the gigolo or his victim.

Klatten: Scammed by an ave-bo

What’s worse, it turns out that this mediocre-looking scam artist made secret sex tapes of himself and Klatten with help from a shady Italian hotelier!

At the Holiday Inn no less!

Mrs Klatten is the daughter of BMW magnate Herbert Quandt and holds a 46-per cent stake in the company in conjunction with her mother and brother. She also owns a 88.3-per cent share of chemical company Altana.

At first the married mother-of-three spurned Sgarbi’s advances but began an affair when the smooth-talking Sgarbi turned up unexpectedly in the south of France where she was on holiday the following month.

Later in August 2007 they met in a Holiday Inn hotel in Munich – where Klatten believed she would not run the risk of bumping into any acquaintances – for an “intimate” encounter that Sgarbi secretly filmed, according to the charges.

In September they met at the same hotel and this time Sgarbi allegedly said that he needed 10 million euros because he had injured a little girl in a car crash in Florida – asking Klatten to lend him a cool seven million euros.

Klatten swallowed his story, handing over the sum in the underground garage of the Holiday Inn in a cardboard box containing 14 plastic folders each with a thousand 500-euro banknotes.

Sgarbi then told the 46-year-old to leave her husband and put into a trust fund 290 million euros to fund their new life together.

Klatten then ended the relationship.

But then Sgarbi turned nasty, according to prosecutors, threatening to send compromising video footage of the two together to the press and to her husband, among others.

This time he allegedly demanded 49 million euros, which he subsequently reduced to 14 million euros, and set a deadline of January 15 last year. But she had long since informed the police, and Sgarbi was arrested.

Let’s tryst at the Holiday Inn, I surely wouldn’t associate with anyone who would be seen at such a place!

The INDEPENDENT has a revenge-conspiracy angle that’s pretty juicy in a story entitled “The Gigolo, the German Heiress and a $6m Revenge For Her Nazi Legacy”:

And not only because of the stratospheric wealth of Ms Klatten, and the hole the affair has punched in the privacy of one of Germany’s most discreet business dynasties. But also because Helg Sgarbi – if leaks from the interrogation of his partner are to be believed – was much more than just a staggeringly effective extortioner. He is also said to be a man bent on exacting revenge for the crimes of BMW against his father, a Polish Jew and, during the war, a slave labourer in a BMW factory. The group made munitions, aero engines and batteries for U-boats and V2 rockets. If it is true, as alleged, that Mr Sgarbi bedded Ms Klatten in posh hotels in Monte Carlo, Munich and elsewhere, he was sleeping with the enemy, with a cruel vendetta in mind.

Mrs Klatten, 46, is the great grand-daughter of Gunther Quandt, the founder of BMW who died in 1954 and whose first wife, Magda, later married the Nazi propaganda chief, Joseph Goebbels. The heiress has a degree in marketing and management from the University of Buckingham and worked with with Dresdner Bank and McKinsey, the consultants, before she was appointed to the supervisory board of BMW in 1997.


Mr Sgarbi’s original name, it appears, was Helg Russak, and while he describes himself as Italo-Swiss, his father (according to Mr Barretta) was a Polish Jew. During the Second World War this man was forced to work as a slave labourer in a BMW factory producing war materiel for the Third Reich. This personal history created the undying hatred of BMW, Mr Barretta claimed, which led his friend to seek an extraordinary type of revenge.

Claims that BMW, like many other still-prominent German firms, used slave labour during the war are well-established. The claims against BMW were most recently re-aired in a television documentary broadcast in Germany in October 2007. When Magda Quandt divorced BMW’s founder and married Goebbels, Gunther’s first son, Herbert – Mrs Klatten’s great-uncle – was brought up by Goebbels and his new wife and eventually took control of the company in 1959. The Goebbels connection brought the company close to the Nazis.

Meh. Seems like a stretch.

The story also includes some amusing details about Sgarbi’s accomplice, shady Italiano Ernano Barretta…

Not only is he a professional secret-sex-tape cameraman, he’s a mysteriously wealthy resort owner, an exploiter of laborers and a sketchy religious guru who nails his followers!

Mr Sgarbi is said to have met Mrs Klatten in 2006 and they became lovers. They met in Monte Carlo and elsewhere for sex, he said, but they were not alone. Every time they checked into a hotel room, Mr Barretta is said to have booked the room next door. When they walked on the street together, Mr Barretta was there with his video camera to record it. When they went to bed, he contrived to film those private moments, too.


Mr Barretta was a poverty-stricken Abruzzo boy who made good. As lord of the Valle Grande manor, he has told visiting journalists his rags-to-riches story: how as a child he walked 10 kilometres to school, how he was apprenticed as a stone-mason but threw it up to emigrate, finding work in Germany and elsewhere, before returning to his roots laden with riches to build his fine hotel.

The journalists may have believed him but for the locals, at least the way they tell it now, there was always something fishy about Mr Barretta and his money. But many in the valley, we are told, were also in thrall to him. This was a man “of great intelligence”, said Gennaro Varone, the public prosecutor leading the investigation, “with the capacity to get many people to follow him, who were subsequently set to work on his estate” for poor wage.

Information gleaned from telephone bugs has also convinced investigators that he made a name locally as a religious guru, a man with the ability to “induce belief” and “to speak with the voice of God”. Exploiting these powers, he formed a sort of prayer group, composed mostly of women from the valley, with whom he enjoyed sexual relations in return putting them up for free in his hotel. Mr Barretta flatly denies all this.

Although this is little more than a wacky-news headline on this side of the Atlantic, this is a major story in Europe. Germans are shocked that their richest woman could get played like this. Italians are amazed and amused at the doings of shady Barretta. Everyone else is cracking up at the lurid tales of the money grubbing gigolo/con man.

The best thing we found while perusing European media for reactions is a giggle-inducing reconstruction of the Holiday Inn tryst.

A deep hat tip and bow from the waist for whoever produced this image, which we found on the Czech website BLICK:


Nazi-revenge conspiracists will be disappointed to hear that Sgarbi pled guilty, sparing Ms. Klatten the embarrassment of a trial in which she’d surely have had to testify:

A former Swiss investment banker was jailed for six years on Monday for trying to blackmail Germany’s wealthiest woman, heiress to the BMW car empire, with secret video of their lovemaking.

Helg Sgarbi admitted at the start of his trial that he had seduced heiress Susanne Klatten and three other wealthy women, persuading them to pay him almost 10 million euros (9.2 million pounds) under various false pretexts.

“I regret what I did,” Sgarbi, 44, told the Munich court, with little emotion. “I apologise to the women involved.”

Klatten, a member of the Quandt family — the leading shareholders in carmaker BMW — went public last year with the story of how her lover secretly shot intimate footage and later demanded tens of million of euros not to reveal it.

Sgarbi’s admission spares Klatten, who is rarely seen in public, a court appearance.

Seems like all these people turned out the loser in this situation.

Haha!! And we are the big winners because we get to mock them.

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