The Laziest Bigamist


Charles Clemens Jr. lived in an Overland Park, KS apartment complex with his wife of two decades.

Apparently life got a little dull or what have you, because he then wooed a second middle-aged lady and married her – without divorcing or even informing his first wife.

Clemens then stole his elderly father’s ID – since they have the same name and all – and used the old man’s social security number to obtain a second apartment in the same complex where his unwitting first wife still turned down the covers for him!

Apparently Clemens was all about living a double life, but only on the most convenient of terms.

This audacious scheme apparently worked for a few years…

Then the second wife came a knocking on the first wife’s door!


The KANSAS CITY STAR has the startling details:

Authorities allege that a 61-year-old Overland Park man was married simultaneously to two women who lived in the same apartment complex.

Charles L. Clemens Jr. made his first court appearance Wednesday, charged with bigamy and other felonies.

The case began in November when police were called to the apartment of his first wife on a domestic dispute, authorities said. They found Clemens with both women after being called by the second wife.

“She went over to the apartment and confronted him and also found out that he is married to the other woman,” said Johnson County Sheriff’s Deputy Tom Erickson.

After a long inquiry, police arrested Clemens this week.

He was married to his first wife for 22 years, Erickson said. Court records say the second marriage occurred in January 2006. Both women are in their 50s.

Clemens also faces an identity theft charge. Erickson said he allegedly used his father’s Social Security number to lease one of the apartments near 141st Street and Metcalf Avenue.

Clemens also was charged with pawning some of his second wife’s jewelry without permission and with stealing at least $1,000 from her.

You really have to feel sorry for the first wife here. The second wife is obviously intelligent and resourceful enough to figure out this guy’s game in a few short years. Meanwhile, Bride #1 has been falling for this rat’s schemes since the 80s.

Fight Bigamy
has duly noted its case in its dishonor roll of polyamorous pricks.

Not cool, Chuck Clem. A pox on both your houses.

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