Dad Fled Through The Bathroom Window

To the storied annals of wack criminals and poor parents, let us add another fetching banner

A 48-year-old father of a teenager apparently jumped out of a first-floor window when police broke up an alleged underage drinking party last week at his home in Hudson.

After a short foot chase, police captured Tim Vinciullo in woods behind his home on Seneca Drive on Friday night in the Central Massachusetts town. He has been charged with delivering alcohol to minors.

The details are pretty laughable.

Seems Vinciullo had a weakness for hosting teen drinking soirees at his abode, even as he risked his wife’s career as a high school track coach.

Then he ran from the house like a startled bird because the cops showed up!

It’s YOUR house, idiot! They already know where you live!

Hudson High School boys’ cross-country coach Kathy Vinciullo resigned yesterday, the same day her husband and son — a captain on her team — were accused in Marlboro District Court of throwing an underage drinking party at their home Friday night.

“She resigned for personal reasons,” Superintendent of Schools Stephen Dlott said yesterday. He did not comment further on the resignation.

Brian Vinciullo, a 17-year-old senior and track athlete at Hudson High School, is now subject to Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association procedures and disciplinary action based on the high school athletics program rules and regulations. Mr. Dlott declined to say whether Brian Vinciullo has already faced discipline based on his arrest Friday night.

The high school senior and his father, Tim Vinciullo, 48, were arrested Friday night at their home at 30 Seneca Drive, where police said six teenagers were drinking.

Tim Vinciullo jumped out a rear window of his house when he saw police coming to the door, according to Hudson Police Capt. David A. Stephens.

Police on patrol Friday night as part of a state alcohol enforcement grant were in the area of Seneca Drive, they reported, when they saw a teenage boy in the driveway area of 30 Seneca Drive.

According to Capt. Stephens, police had been to the same house within a week or so, warning the homeowners about underage drinking parties there.

“It appeared another party was going on,” Capt. Stephens said. “The homeowners had just been warned.”

Three plainclothes officers went back to the home and one of them saw Tim Vinciullo leave through a window, police said.

Police caught him in a wooded area not far from the home.

You might be inclined to mock Vinciullo’s belief that he could escape from the po-po on foot.

However, this is a guy married to a track coach, with a speedy son, and he himself is no slouch – a quick Google search reveals he tallied a respectable 19:33 5k in a recent Pilgrim Road Race!

It probably seemed like a good plan when he was climbing out the window with the Man hot on his trail, except for the fact that he’s pushing 50 and they already knew where he lived.

Frankly, Tim Vinciullo’s biggest faux pas was committing this amusingly idiotic crime with so sparse a Google track record.

Other than his racing history, the dude is practically a Googlenope.

Of course, that will all change now that every newspaper in Mass. is mocking his behavior.

Meanwhile, his son’s Facebook picture looks (when magnified) like it was taken during the midst of a classic Vinciullo booze fest:


Let’s put this in perspective.

By comparison to the criminal sleaze who plied teenage cheerleaders with booze, a stripper pole and old man kisses in Bethehem, PA, Tim Vinciullo is practically an upstanding citizen.

However, when the Hudson cops’ “party patrol” has put a bullseye on your house as the epicenter of teen drinking in town, because you can’t put a lid on the cooler when your son and his posse are around – while your wife is employed in a position of responsibility with the same teens you let run wild – and when the moment of reckoning finally comes, you flee into the night…

…you, sir, have failed Parenting 101.

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