The Magic of Gunther

This is another gem sent along by SecretM, maven of all that is absurd Scando culture.

Mats Söderlund is a nightclub impresario and former model who performs in Sweden under the stage name Günther.

His music video works are a brilliant blend of toned bodies, insipid disco dance beats, and amazingly absurd prouncements like, “Oh – You touch my tra la la…mmm, my ding ding dong.”

The song above was #1 for three weeks in Sweden!

In theory, the joke should get old pretty fast, but Gunther keeps it consistently gigglesome throughout the videos with comments like “Bananas, melonas, yeah,” “Hola hola – la ta da ta da!” and “I will always be topless for you.”

There’s also imagery that makes you laugh out loud, like a nude Gunther arising from a mass of post-orgy slumberers, or three men wearing only tighty whities riding on the back of motorcycles piloted by hot babes.

The best part is that Gunther has it both ways at once – he is a chart topping pop artist who makes huge dance hits, but he’s also an ultra-hipster skewering Euro dance pop. His luxurious short-long hairdo and minimalist stache are both a brilliant satire of Euro dance stars and the latest in hipster fashion sense.

In a lot of ways, Gunther’s work is a superior parody than the best American counterpart, The Lonely Island’s Jizz In My Pants. “Jizz” is lyrical gold, and the performance and production values are superb.  That said, the humor of the song is largely based on close listening to the song’s humorous, narrative lyrics and its very literal video (though there is a bridge towards the end that is musically brilliant).

Gunther, on the other hand, has written a whole character’s worth of songs and video performances that more closely embody what dance pop actually is. His songs have that authentic Euro dance pop feel to them, as opposed to sounding like an incredibly well produced SNL skit.

Not only that, but Gunther has the hits to show for it.

“Jizz” may have gone gold in Australia – it did, look it up – but it didn’t rule over the pop charts of the world’s preeminent pop music laboratory, Sweden, like Gunther’s “Ding Dong Song” did.

Respect the master…Gunther.

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