MF DOOM Speaks for the Chimp


The intrepid tipster C. Dave was the first one to tell me about the chimp who ate a lady’s face, and today he passed along a promising piece of related news from New York magazine’s VULTURE blog:

We combed through Ta-Nehisi Coates’s excellent New Yorker profile of the enigmatic rapper MF Doom hoping to find some juicy look-how-weird-this-guy-is stuff — and we totally did! Apparently, Doom is writing a song about the 200-pound chimp who attacked a Connecticut woman earlier this year … and it’s told from the chimp’s perspective (as should be expected, Doom is strictly pro-chimp: “It’s still the fact of shooting a monkey. What is this disrespect for life?”).

Also, in no less impactful news, Doom is finally working on the much-discussed sequel to Madvilliany, his 2004 collaboration with Madlib, considered by many critics, a majority of the Internet, and at least one of your Vulture contributors to totally be the best thing ever. And as if that wasn’t enough, according to a potentially baseless rumor, Doom is also going to collaborate on an album with TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek.

Two excellent pieces of news indeed! The merits of a song told from the perspective of Travis the rampaging, drugged out chimp are obvious; and if you haven’t enjoyed the collaborations of Madlib and MF DOOM before, do so now.

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