The One With Dick Schmoker [Roundup]

This is a new, occasionally recurring feature here at ROTI. We’re currently receiving an avalanche of tips, for which we are most grateful. Thank you, readers, for passing along the juiciest rumors you’ve discovered out there on the Internets.

Sometimes these tips don’t quite manifest themselves into full articles, so we’ll be roundin’ up these dogies into super-posts on occasion…


The intrepid and invaluable C. Dave sent along this amusing tale about a Midwestern literacy patron with a gigglesome name…

LINCOLN — A gift from a Minnesota couple will help take a five-year-old reading clinic at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to the next level.

The UNL clinic — which began operating in 2004 to help youngsters who struggle with reading — has been named the Kit and Dick Schmoker Reading Center in honor of the donors, who gave $1 million to create an endowment to help support the program.

Catherine “Kit” Schmoker, a graduate of the former Teachers College at UNL, is a member of a Lincoln banking family that owned the former National Bank of Commerce.

She and her husband, Dick, a retired attorney, live in Edina, Minn.

They were in Lincoln Thursday to attend the dedication of the newly named center.

UNL officials say the facility is unique in the region. Its primary purpose is to teach teachers how to work with struggling readers. It also works directly with youngsters who have reading difficulties, providing tutoring services to students in kindergarten through 12th grade, mostly from the Lincoln area.

“The Kit and Dick Schmoker Reading Center is making a significant difference in the lives of hundreds of children and student teachers,” said Marjorie Kostelnik, dean of the UNL College of Education and Human Sciences, which was formed in 2003 when the Teachers College and the College of Human Resources and Family Sciences were merged.

“Children will have many more successful school days as a result of their time in the center, and our college students will develop many more skills to help Nebraska’s children become proficient readers.”

From a quick glance at the Center’s website, it appears that they might want to bring their online developers in for an intensive literacy session as well:


I tried my hardest to find a picture of the Schmokers, especially Dick, but came up empty.

However, I did find this gem of a search suggestion along the way.



New tipster alert! Expert on all things indicative of Boston, J-MART has broken into the ranks of ROTI with this great item from the Boston Police blog:

On Saturday, September 19, 2009, at approximately 11:40pm, a Boston Police Officer assigned to Area D-14 (Brighton), was traveling on Washington Street when he observed two males drinking beer while walking down the street. One of the individuals finished his beer and threw it to the ground. Both parties then stepped onto the roadway and attempted to cross. This forced traffic to come to an abrupt stop and one of the individuals was almost struck. One of the males then punched the rear of the vehicle as he walked by.

The officer then exited his vehicle and identified himself as a police officer. Both parties became belligerent towards the officer and taunted him to arrest them. The officer placed one of the parties into custody and called for additional officers to respond in order to assist him. Upon arrival of additional officers, they were instructed to place the second party into custody. At this time, he was standing approximately twenty-five feet away and continued to yell obscenities at the officers.

The second suspect fled when the officers approached him. He ran a short distance before stopping and facing the oncoming officers. The suspect then took a body building stance and flexed his muscles at the officers. The officers were not deterred and placed the suspect into custody. It was discovered that both parties were under the legal drinking age of twenty-one.

Officers arrested Michael Downing, 20, of Billerica and Ryan Winter, 19, of Billerica on the charges of Drinking Alcohol in Public and Person Under Twenty-One in Possession of Alcohol.

Brazenly drinking in public while talking smack to cops is inadvisable no matter what age you are, but when you’re underage it’s just…naah, it’s equally stupid whether you’re 18 or 81.

J-MART commented, “I love BPD News – especially in the fall!” Amen, yo. College students be bonafide fools.



When it comes to all things funny and awesome in and around Sweden, our man SecretM is all over that shiznit.

He sent along this choice item about a daring heist in Stockholm, aided by a helicopter and an ingenious tactic to forestall police pursuit:

Robbers used a helicopter Wednesday in a spectacular raid of a cash depot in Stockholm, breaking into the building through the roof and flying off with bags of cash, police and witnesses said.

The pre-dawn heist stunned police in the Swedish capital, who were unable to deploy their own helicopters to the scene because of suspected explosives placed at their hangar.

Shortly after 5 a.m., the robbers jumped onto the roof of the cash depot belonging to security firm G4S and smashed a window to enter the building, police spokeswoman Ulrika Lonngren told broadcaster SVT. There were staff inside the building, but no one was injured.

Witnesses reported hearing loud bangs during the heist, but it wasn’t immediately clear whether any explosives had been used.

Police were not sure if the thieves managed to steal any money, “but we have reports that witnesses saw them loading objects into the helicopter,” police spokeswoman Towe Hagg told The Associated Press.

Witness Bjorn Lockstrom told broadcaster TV4 he saw a gray helicopter hovering above the building for about 15 minutes. “Two men hoisted themselves down,” he said. “I saw when they hoisted up money, too.”

Police later found an abandoned helicopter near a lake north of Stockholm. Hagg said the chopper was reported stolen and was believed to be the one used by the robbers.

It turns out that dramatic theivery is becoming something of a tradition in Sweden:

Sweden has seen a series of spectacular robberies in recent years. Last year a group of men broke into a mail processing center in Goteborg, paralyzing large parts of Sweden’s second-largest city after spreading out spikes, burning out cars in several different areas and leaving suspected explosive devices in the center.

In 2006, Goteborg’s international airport was partially closed after a group of masked men crashed through a gate and held up luggage handlers as they were unloading crates of foreign currency worth 7.8 million kronor ($1.1 million) from a passenger aircraft.

Four years earlier, robbers pulled off a similar heist at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport, when staff were loading foreign currency worth 43 million kronor onto an aircraft.

Damnnnnn. Are we SURE DeNiro died at the end of Heat?


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