Youtube Review > The Phantom Menace Itself

There’s a new masterpiece on Youtube. It’s one of the greatest films I’ve seen all year.

But don’t take my word for it.

Damon Lindelof: “Your life is about to change. This is astounding film making. Watch ALL of it.”

What follows is a seven-part, 70 minute long review of George Lucas’ late-career blunder, “The Phantom Menace.”

Not only does it swiftly dissect why this movie is such an abomination, particularly by comparison to “The Empire Strikes Back,” but it does so with a maniacal, unreliable narrator.

This is the work of RedLetterMedia, and it is simply genius.

Part one: Nothing in “The Phantom Menace” makes any sense at all; protagonists; and describing the characters.

Part two: The story of “The Phantom Menace” is horrible. And a trip into the narrator’s basement.

Part three: Palpatine actively foils his own plan, inexplicably; the Jedi plotline contradicts their alleged wisdom.

Part four: “Everything everyone says in this movie makes no sense.” Plus, who is the main character and why should we care?

Part five: Qui-Gon Jinn is incredibly stupid or drunk, Jake Lloyd is terrible, and worst of all, this movie ruins the Force.

Part six: The light saber duels in “The Phantom Menace” are crap by comparison to those in the original trilogy.

Part seven: The Ending Multiplication Effect, and the Pizza Roll scene.


Check this out. Star Wars Weather.

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