You Voted, We Kinda Listened: 2010 Readers’ Poll Results

A special thank you to everyone who took the time to vote in our 2010 readers poll.

An EXTRA special thanks to anyone who voted from multiple IPs to unduly influence the results! You have learned our devious ways well.

I’m ready to declare the survey a success. Although the hard-core readers who voted only represent a fraction of our overall readership, I’ve learned from the baseball-statistical genius codenamed Tom Tango that reader polls tend to stabilize after 25 votes. So consider this survey stable!

Here’s what we learned:

  • Our most devoted readers can generally be divided into two groups: people who are personally acquainted with the ROTI organization, and people who only know us through our internet presence.

Zero respondents reported coming here on a friend’s recommendation. Sort of makes you question the wisdom of Malcolm Gladwell’s theories, doesn’t it? Or maybe it’s just really embarrassing to tell your friends that you regularly read a website that analyzes Lifetime movies.

Friends, Romans, frenemies: thank you for continuing to read and support this site — your feedback and tips are invaluable, and hopefully more of you will be induced, persuaded and tricked into contributing in the future.

For those loyal readers who first discovered this site through random googling or a link on another website: You form a critical part of this organization, and never forget it! Thanks for your continued trust in this news source.

  • Most serious readers view the homepage only.

That’s awesome, because the actual ROTI page is the best place to view our posts. All the initial grammatical mistakes are corrected and the repetitive words taken out, and images and video can always be viewed in all their glory.

However, friends, I can’t recommend Google Reader highly enough. Take 15 minutes to set it up and plug in 15-20 of your favorite blogs. It rules.

Once you start networking with other Reader aficionados in your contact list and sharing/commenting, a wonderful new pastime will be born.

Become a Facebook fan of our site here: it’ll demonstrate to all those fools you’re “friends” with how much cooler than them you are. Do this now.

Also, follow us on Twitter. If you think you’re too good to read tweets, I have nothing to say to you, because you’re a closed-minded punk ass.

  • The majority of our readers check in intermittently — once a week or once a month.

This is definitely the best way to make sure that your visit to this site results in some good reading. However, we will be endeavoring in the next year to refresh the blog more frequently with bite-sized chunks of content along with the occasional T-bone steak. More on this later.

And again…if you subscribe to ROTI via an RSS feed (such as Reader) or Facebook/Twitter, you’ll be kept abreast of all new posts as they hit the web.

Haha, I said “a breast.”

  • The readers have spoken…”Give us short posts along with long-winded analysis!”

This vote wasn’t even close.

I know that many of the inner circle of ROTI confidants trolls the web as rapaciously as I do — no viral video, meme, or wacky wire story escapes their notice. They are primarily interested in the most original material ROTI has to offer. Swayed by their influence, I stopped posting shorter items for the past six months or so.

However, it seems there is a significant majority of ROTI readers who want the latest in hilarious internet junk along with our in-depth explorations. You have been heard and your requests shall be heeded.

I know the long-post crowd can quickly surf past our less-original items in their Reader feeds anyway, so it’s all good.

This calls for a brief timeout so we can watch a magnificent video clip:

Delightful! Back to the roundup…

  • More entertainment news, gossip and analysis.

This request was clear across the board, with readers asking for more entertainment-related posts, a strong interest in “blind item” gossip, and a lot of love shown to our expose on Gretchen Mol rumors.

In the coming months, you can look forward to more great gossip rounded up from the internets and from our sources in Hollywood studios. I’ll be doing more extensive coverage of music, movies and television, and bringing more guest writers in to discuss these topics as well. Viral videos that catch the eyes of our contributors will be posted before you see them elsewhere.

We don’t plan to lose our wide-ranging style, covering everything from military history to hilarious mugshots, but there will be a more pronounced focus on entertainment topics going forward.

  • Takedowns: Keep them coming, but don’t lose sight of the real targets of the nation’s schadenfreude.

Some of our most devoted readers are just as soulless as I am, ready to laugh at the misfortune of anyone alive on earth. But a significant portion of our readership doesn’t enjoy it when we take aim at some poor sap who ran afoul of the law and slather the most embarrassing moment of his life across the internet.

We have yet to humiliate an individual wholly through original research; at ROTI, we’ve always figured that anyone whose misdeeds have already made newsprint is fair game. However, we recognize that a takedown is far more satisfying when it targets a public figure who has benefited from his or her celebrity and special status.

Because it’s 1000x funnier when global icon Tiger Woods gets caught banging dozens of cocktail girls, porn stars, and Perkins’ waitresses than if some random schmo does it, we do plan to focus on celebrity takedowns more in the coming year.

However, I’m definitely planning some scathing attacks on the internet’s lamest “fameballs,” who many of you may know from reading Gawker, Reblogging Nonsociety and Get Off My Internets. These pseudo-celebrities deserve no less.

  • Plans to improve the site in the year ahead.

We’re working on the technology needed to start producing podcasts, which should be fun affairs as the ROTI team struggles to call each other by pseudonyms in the course of lengthy conversation. If you think that my colleagues and I are opinionated in print, wait until you get a load of us in stereo.

Also, more guest writers! We’ve been publishing the thoughts of some great minds in recent months, and we’ll continue this trend. There are a lot of excellent writers that assist ROTI behind the scenes, and I enjoy pushing some of them out front on occasion. We’ll potentially link up with some other fine blogs, bringing their writers in to pinch-hit, and hopefully helping our readers to discover sites that are almost as good as this one.

Hit me up (email’s on the “Contact ROTI” page) if you’d like to collab.

Thank you for reading ROTI. Those of you who took the poll will now be rewarded by a site that is more attuned to your desires. Huzzah!



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