Panda Cheese Panda Will Destroy You

So you’re in Egypt for some reason, checking out the Sphinx or something, and someone offers you a delightful snack of Panda Cheese.

Being the idiot that you are, you say no.

Bad move, fool!

Panda Cheese Panda will make you regret the day you had the gall to decline his delicious cheese.

Best Egyptian advertising campaign ever? Pretty much.

Credits via I Believe in Advertising:

Advertising Agency: Advantage Marketing & Aadvertising, Cairo, Egypt
Creative Director: Ali Ali/Maged Nassar
Copywriter: Ali Ali/Maged Nassar
Account Supervisor: Reem Ezz El Din
Production Company: The House, Cairo, Egypt
Director: Ali Ali
Producer: Hossam Fawzy
Editor: Mohsen Abdel Wahab
Sound Design/Arrangement: Hosny Ali

Art Director: Production Design: Hossam Fawzy
Post Production: Azman
Colorist: George Kyriakou (MPC)
Costume Designer: Martin Pec

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2 Responses to Panda Cheese Panda Will Destroy You

  1. The song on the Panda Cheese commercial is “True Love Ways” by Buddy Holly with harmonies by the trio The Picks (John and Bill Pickering and Bob Lapham – author of “Meet Me At The River Buddy Holly”). The Picks did the harmonies on 9 of the songs on the 1957 “The Chirping Crickets” Brunswick LP. They recorded many more songs with harmonies with Buddy in 1984, including “True Love Ways”.

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