Trippin’ Balls with the Olsen Twins

Nils Coq au Vin sent me this delightful chopped and screwed remix of the Olsen Twins’ 1995 classic “Gimme Pizza,” from their world-renowned DVD, “You’re Invited to Mary Kate and Ashley’s Sleepover Party!”

(Anyone unfamiliar with the chopped and screwed genre is hereby required to familiarize themselves with this magnificent documentary.)

DJ Screw himself could not have done a finer job than Youtuber philipmserious, who must have guzzled a gallon of purple drank before digging through the crates of Dualstar Entertainment Group’s soundtrack albums.

I think this might be inspired by a nightmare Heath Ledger had immediately before he offed himself. (Too soon?)

Anyone else cringe when the token black friend held aloft a drumstick?

Just in case you started to convince yourself that this must have been dubbed, here is the original:

The internet (specifically, commenters at Boing Boing) seem to think this sounds like a Ween song.

The greatest band in the world has in fact tackled the topic of pizza, as in this jingle that Pizza Hut took approximately .032 seconds to reject out of hand, and of course in their classic song, “Someday.”

So when you’re scrounging up some dinner tomorrow, remember…Tuesday is pizza day.

Just sip some sizzurp and go to town with toppings, Olsen Twins style.

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