Enthiran aka The Robot: The Greatest Indian Film Ever?

I’ve gathered that the hottest thing in cinema right now is David Fincher’s “The Social Network,” which many are calling the film of the year. I have nothing to add to the discussion because I haven’t seen the movie yet. (Besides, the geniuses at The Awl are already dissecting it from every angle.)

That’s because I have cleared my movie-viewing schedule to see what looks like the greatest movie in the history of Indian film: ENTHIRAN, also known as ROBOT!

This movie reportedly cost $33 million, making it the most expensive movie ever made in Asia. It combines the two biggest stars in Indian cinema, an insane amount of special effects, and 180 minutes packed full of musical numbers and visual spectacle!

You may be wondering why I am so utterly sold on an Indian movie that wasn’t even produced by Bollywood (it’s actually from Kollywood, headquarters of the Tamil film industry).

I will now answer that question with video evidence.

What is not to like about this movie?

You’ve got Rajnikanth, the “superstar” of Tamil cinema, playing the roles of a genius scientist AND the superintelligent android that he creates. Aishwarya Rai, often cited as the most beautiful woman in the world, is the sexy lady that both scientist and android are in love with.

Top Tamil director S. Shankar — the James Cameron of Kollywood — helms this sucker, with music composed by Oscar-winner A.R. Rahman and fight choreography by Chinese legend Yuen Wo Ping. DREAM TEAM, yo!

The special effects are off the chain. Filmdrunk’s Vince Mancini said it best: “HOLY CRAP, did you see the guy walk in with robot tigers on lightning leashes?”

This is America’s contribution to the greatest achievement ever in global cinema, and credit goes to Stan Winston Studios and Industrial Light and Magic.

And they shot part of this movie at Machu Picchu. I dare you not to be impressed with what this movie has going on.

Dudes, do you think you will have trouble convincing your lady to attend this movie with you?

Here’s a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT trailer that markets this film from a totally new direction!

Do you see what they did there? Now it’s a musical rom-com…with a robot!

Here’s the plot of the film, transplanted here directly from Wikipedia.

The film revolves around Vaseegaran (Rajnikanth) who plays the role of an award winning and much acclaimed scientist who is now chasing to achieve one of his biggest ambitions, that of creating a Human-Android Robot. After working on the project for 10yrs, at times even going to the point of ignoring his girl-friend Sana (Aishwarya Rai), he finally finishes his robot and names it as Chitti (again Rajnikanth).

Chitti is capable of performing many in-human tasks in a comparatively short period of time. He plans to gift the multi-talented robot to the army for defence purposes. Chitti endears himself to Sana and saves her on more than one occasion.

His senior and head of the DRDO, Mr. Bohra (Danny Denzongpa) is also attempting to un-successfully create a robot of his own. Naturally, he is overcome with jealousy on seeing the success and popularity achieved by his one-time protege Vaseegaran.

80% of the pictures I found of Enthiran’s villain, Danny Denzongpa, show him smoking a pipe. This one was by far the most awesome.

Eventually, Bohra’s jealousy gets the better of him and he ends up rejecting the Robot saying that it is after all a dumb machine with no emotions. As if proving him right, a rescue attempt mounted by Chitti to save a girl from a fire backfires as he gives no care to the fact that the girl is naked while he rescues her nor does he do anything to protect her modesty. Overcome by shame, the girl commits suicide the very next instant.

Wait, huh? Whatever, let’s just go with it!

Are you starting to see the amazing potential of this movie, people!?

OK, now it gets good when the plot twist of ROBOT LOVE is introduced.

Vaseegaran gets very furious and works hard to make Chitti understand each and every human emotion that exists.Vaseegaran’s hard work finally seems to have paid off as Chitti successfully handles a complicated pregnancy and delivers the baby safely. Sana, hugs him in delight and kisses him on his cheek. This sets off a chain of thoughts in Chitti’s mind and he starts to fall in love with Sana.

Eventually, Vaseegaran and Sana come to know of his love. Chitti starts to defy orders and deliberately fails an army test.Vaseegaran gets furious and dismantles Chitti in a hurry and throws him to the garbage dump.

Bohra, coming to know of this rescues Chitti and programs a red chip inside him that gives him powers to destroy rather than to resurrect. Chitti, due to his love for Sana becomes increasingly unstable and kidnaps Sana. He also creates a robotic army that causes Mayhem in the entire city.

God goddamn, this is starting to get truly awesome!

What happens next, Wikipedia plot summary?

How Vaseegaran rescues Sana and puts an end to the tyranny of Chitti is narrated in the rest of the story.

That’s it?! That’s all you got for me? I’m pretty sure the online encyclopedia is allowed to publish spoilers. Terrible work, anonymous Wikipedia editor.

Oh well, one thing I CAN tell you about the rest of the movie is that there will be craploads of dance numbers and visual effects. BEHOLD!

To check out more kickin’ tunes from this film, check out 0>w/hole>1’s related post or Youtube for the many genius tunes Rahman cooked up for this movie.

News reports say that on the last day of shooting, Aishwarya Rai knelt to kiss the feet of Rajnikanth and asked his blessing.

I would like to kiss the feet of everyone involved in making what looks like the finest masterpiece shot on the subcontinent since the making of Tunak Tunak Tun.

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