The One With Heather Morris and a Weeping Chargers Fan [Facebook Roundup]

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Here’s what you missed over the past week:


Glee fans know Heather Morris (above) as Brittany, the delightfully dumb cheerleader who loves scissoring, but before she broke out on that show, she was a backup dancer for Beyonce.

This video is a “choreography demo” intended to show Lady Bee some dance moves worked out by her choreography team and backup dancer.

You will have no trouble locating Ms. Morris because she absolutely crushes it on this video…


I’m sure you all enjoyed the Panda Cheese Panda video.

Commenter Vicky Pickering points out that the Panda’s theme song is this Buddy Holly classic, which deserves to be appreciated in its own right:


If you have no fear of carpal-tunnel symptoms or have a lot of time on your hands, you can re-live the rescue of the 33 trapped Chilean miners with this delightful Flash game.


Reader Major Beans sent along this terrific concept, posted at Unreality Magazine:

It’s pretty damn cool, but still needs some work.

For starters, 8 different properties are marked “Stoop.” Not cutting it in my book. Maybe the board’s creators oughta flesh it out with some actual street corners, such as those marked on this map.

Amazing concept, however. But then again, this is a completely biased view coming from a guy who refers to the the robber in Settlers of Catan as “Omar.”


This amazing viral video is of a kid who lives in PA yet somehow has become a Chargers fan…

He was absolutely devastated by the loss to Oakland last weekend, so of course his mom (a Steelers fan) captured it all on video so the world could laugh at him.

Thanks to this guy’s mom for the laughs, and to Nils Coq au Vin and his brother MAC for passing this one along.

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