The One With The Mesmerizing Luke Perry GIF and Our Best Month Ever [Facebook Roundup]

Rumors on the Internets just racked up our biggest month ever.

And that’s despite the fact that the site’s been pretty quiet the past week or so…Meanwhile, however, our Facebook page has been jumping with tasty items to keep our most devoted fans (198 and counting) entertained. Click here to sign up if you have not yet done so.

Here’s a wrapup of what you may have missed…

Gawker found an amazing collection of photos that Luke Perry took with fans at something called DragonCon. The inimitable C. Dave sent along the animated GIF (above) that encapsulates the gloriousness of this appearance.

Bristol Palin danced the jive in a monkey suit on Dancing with the Stars. This performance earned her a score of 6-6-6.

We encouraged everyone to listen to “Say Yeah” by the Commodores while maleejing.

(That’s the verb form of “make love job,” in case you’re wondering.)

Jimmy McMillan of The Rent is Too Damn High Party stole the show in the New York Governor’s Debate.

Consider this a reminder to all our American readers to vote on Tuesday — if you hate the D and R options, cast your ballot for a third party genius like this guy!

I missed my chance to watch Enthiran (The Robot) in the local theater since it opened and closed in a matter of days, but the kick ass A.R. Rahman songs are on Youtube. That will have to tide me over until the DVD drops.

I did manage to see “The Social Network.” Masterpiece! The critics of this film completely missed the point…

After moving to a wealthy Boston suburb, Shaq nicknamed himself Blackie Bulger, Godfather of Sudbury. He quickly took it back after being persuaded that a mass murderer like Whitey Bulger was nothing to joke about…but I am not convinced, and in my book, that nickname is still totally hilarious.

Retired Navy SEAL Don Shipley humiliated a bunch of military frauds with this delightful slide show set to Rockwell’s Somebody’s Watching Me.

1530Homer sports radio host Mo Egger hooked us up with a link on his blog; Ohioans flocked to ROTI for the straight poop on Yuengling’s expansion into new markets. Cheap tasty beer is coming, Cincinnati.

One of the best entries from Passive Aggressive Notes ever:

Esteemed reader Schmentz sent along this amazing video, in which a street performer humanizes the plight of the homeless using two Kermit puppets. I never truly appreciated “Under Pressure” until I saw this brilliant performance.

Finally, this classic SNL clip. Will Ferrell as Robert Goulet, promoting his new CD “The Coconut Bangers Ball…It’s a Rap!” His rendition of “Thong Song” gets me every time, and the bighorn cameo is amazing. (NSFW language!)

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Lots of good stuff to come this week, kicking off November right with some tasty tunes.

We’re gonna get mad deep like a threat.

“Deep Cuts Week” from the ROTI Jams Department starts 11/1/10.

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