The One With Harvard Quidditch and Late Night Bacon [Facebook Roundup]

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Last week, we learned that hundreds of college students actually play the “sport” of quidditch: wearing capes, horseying around on brooms, and tossing various athletic balls through hoops. It’s incredibly embarrassing to watch.

This horrifying sport’s season culminated in the Quidditch World Cup this weekend in New York, but ROTI’s Facebook posse got a preview with this cringeworthy video featuring the Harvard Quidditch Team.

However, Harvard and all the other teams were no match for the Yankees of the Quidditch world, the dominant team from Middlebury that created the embarrassing pastime of “muggle Quidditch.”

Here’s a music video they made to celebrate themselves. The really bad part starts around the 2:10 mark. How these tools justify mocking the lacrosse team when they themselves are 1000 times lamer, I have no idea.

Okay, now let’s forget that ever happened.

Reader CVD sent along this amazing collection of bootleg DVD covers from I Heart Chaos.

It’s tough to pick favorites from this photoset, but I particularly enjoyed the back cover of a pirated “Catch Me If You Can.”

Inspired by the great tracks I listened to while studying and writing the articles for Deep Cuts Week, I posted a ton of great hip hop jams to the Facebook page.

Here they are for your listening pleasure, starting with Die Antwoord, the best South African rap group ever:

An amazing live performance by Damon Albarn’s Gorillaz featuring MF DOOM:

Another Wu banger:

And last but not least, a genius video sent along by Schmentz in which R. Kelly lays down some “Real Talk.”

Pontiac went out of business, and we celebrated the late car brand by highlighting one of the best car commercials ever:

She might have lost her Senate race, but Christine O’Donnell won our hearts forever with her potent blend of witchcraft and tea party crazy.

Here’s the conservative sweetie expounding on the evils of Halloween in a video clip made especially ironic by her subsequent ladybug antics.

Speaking of tea party hotties, Sarah Palin launched her new reality show…

Finally, here’s a dark chapter in Republican party history — in fact, George W. Bush called this the low point of his presidency. Nope, not 9/11 or the bungled intelligence that led us into Iraq, it was that one time when Kanye West was mean!

Mike Myers delivers the funniest work of his career in that video. It’s pure cinema verite.

Let’s conclude this roundup with a palate cleanser — the most hilarious recipe I have ever seen online.

It’s Rachael Ray’s blueprint for Late Night Bacon, presented by the Food Network!

I should note that I have heard very positive things about Ray-Ray from those who have encountered her in person. She’s apparently pretty cool and looks out for her peeps.

This recipe might not be among her most sophisticated, but it brought a lot of happiness to all who experienced it.

Here are some amazing reviews from the Food Network site:

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