“Wanting Alex” Is Awesome and John Forest is Awesome in It

In our recent readers’ poll, you made it clear that you wanted to see the best new film and video offerings we could get our hands on. Our first post, presenting “Michael Bay’s Movie Club” from Worst Party Productions, drew a great response from our readers. Now one of the actors from that video is starring in a new short film and delivering a truly noble performance. It’s a must-see.

The award-winning short film “Wanting Alex” (from director Chris Akers and writer Kerry Carney) has been touring film festivals around the land. It’s a tale of boy meets fey roommate, boy meets fey roommate’s irresistible girlfriend, boy falls in love with fey roommate’s irresistible girlfriend. Let the poignant laughs commence!

Lead actor John Forest has been gathering laurels for his brilliant work, scoring “Best Actor” nods at film festivals on both coasts. Both coasts, people! It’s too bad Tupac and Biggie went and got each other killed, because clearly we have found the man to settle any East Coast/ West Coast feud.

If you don’t enjoy this film, with its fine direction, witty script, amazing credit sequence for “Maple Grove Academy,” and solid ensemble acting, then I pity you.

To learn more, visit Loopy Productions.


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3 Responses to “Wanting Alex” Is Awesome and John Forest is Awesome in It

  1. GoGoMrPoPo says:

    He’s also pretty dynamite in the Neil & John Series:

    FIFA! – watch more funny videos

    The Bike – watch more funny videos

    The Text – watch more funny videos
    • Great point, MrPoPo.

      I also really enjoy these BK commercials:

      I wish I could find the one where he says disgustedly, “Goodbye, Sage.”

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