This Month in GIF [Guest Post]

Mild NSFW Warning — Poop, Pet Barf, Super Fake Violence to Super Fake Boob. (Roughly arranged from most safe to least, and I will warn you before they get gross.)

One of the most delightful online trends over the past year is the rediscovery of the animated GIF, an old technology that has recently been employed for all manner of comedic uses. It’s now Interwebs Standard Operating Procedure to take a great piece of video and turn it into a GIF, or to use good GIFsmanship to take a series of photos and make them hilarious.

ROTI knows of no greater authority on the topic of amusing GIFs than famed tipster C. Dave.

He’s collected a crop of great GIFs that have caught his eye over the past month, and we are proud to present what will hopefully be a recurring feature in this space:  This Month in GIF.

Leave Your Dog Alone, Dumbass:

Yoga Ball Faceplant:

Yoga Ball Joust:

I Hate Sisters!

Wipeout at the Goal Line:

Commuter Nap Disaster:

Where’d The Evidence Go?

MJ Loved Popcorn:

Blonde Steel:

Bela Declares Bullshit:

Taping Yer Face:

Slappin’ a Child (from the Danish film “Terribly Happy”):

Look Before You Leap:

Her Air Hockey Skill Depends On Your Sexual Preference:

Whassup wit yo microphone?

Baba Booey Caught Sleeping on the Job:

Riker Transforms into Badass

Okay, faint of heart, click away from this page now!!


And now for the final hilarious items for the most stalwart among you…

Getting Too Cute with the Horse Farm Report:

Boob Chop

And finally…

The Nastiest GIF Ever Made:

Well done, C. Dave! I, for one, am looking forward to many future installments of this series!

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