The One with Nicolas Cage Losing His Shit [Facebook Roundup]

We’ve been posting a bunch of great links and videos on the Rumors on the Internets Facebook page.

If you’re not in the posse, or you have soooo many friends that you can’t keep track of all the updates, here’s what you missed over the past few weeks.

This absolutely glorious montage of Nic Cage losing his shit.

“Wonderland Mafia,” a superb blend of Three 6 Mafia and Alice in Wonderland, was created by Lindsay Scoggins. Nils Coq au Vin came up with this gem.

Vladimir Putin hosted a tiger convention at which he praised Leonardo DiCaprio as a “real man.”

A dude in Wisconsin shot up his TV because he was so appalled by the inverse correlation between Bristol Palin’s dance ability and her success on “Dancing with the Stars.”

Wednesday Addams taught us the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

We mourned the passing of Irvin Kershner, director of “The Empire Strikes Back.” His contributions to that film were critical to its success — while George Lucas created groundbreaking special effects, Kershner focused on the acting and the story — two things that I think are kind of important, although Lucas may disagree. By commissioning a new script from Lawrence Kasdan and thoroughly rehearsing the actors, allowing them to develop the characters further, Kershner played a key role in turning “Empire” into a movie masterpiece.

C. Dave sent us over this video of a Cornell professor flying into a rage after a student emits an audible yawn.

We found an amazing package deal on — Call of Duty 4 and a re-usable adult diaper for one low price when purchased together!

This old gem resurfaced on Youtube — the 1986 Celtics in an advertisement for a local Boston restaurant. Don’t get between Robert Parish and a lobster!

Sometimes cat humor is pretty annoying, but this video is a welcome exception. Cats and humans can sometimes combine to form a pretty strong comedy team.

Let’s wind things up with a couple of awesome tunes — one brand new song from Gorillaz, and a classic song from Devo.

If you want a daily fix of ROTI goodness, I highly suggest you join our Facebook page today. Cheerio!

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