This Month in GIF [December 2010]

C. Dave returns to curate another installment of the acclaimed series, “This Month in GIF.

This goes out to all the people who are stuck at work on Christmas Eve Eve. May these delightful GIFs bring merriment to you all. All of these are more or less safe for work, unless you’re being watched by CCTV cameras or something.

A scene from Elton John’s dreams: a Skinny Dip Rocket Man

Hockey player in your face (wait for it…)

Spartans love Bananas!

Mark Sanchez rides the exercise bike but quickly tires:

Bean Bag Blowout

Skate trick gone groin-splittingly awry…

Worst victorious ball spike of all time.

Robot tosses granny into traffic:

My hands are talkin’ to me, man!

The ultimate Roo-Venge!

Gunplay 101 with Lee Van Cleef:

Dumbasses and their Exercise Balls, Volume III:

Frog v. Fly:Winged Victory

Jame Gumb and Precious are watching you

What did this guy do to earn such a pungent stinkeye??

Fingerbanged by Goldblum: An experience you’ll never forget.

About Alpine McGregor
Just like you, man. I got the shotgun, you got the briefcase. All in the game, though, right?

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