“Lemme Smang It” Is A Lifechanging Jam

Bill Waters just sent me a video that left me a changed man. He named it “the best music video of the year,” and I pretty much have to concur.

Once, I thought the highest ideal in romance was a sweet make-love-job, or as we like to call it here at ROTI, a maleej.

Now I realize that’s only one way to please your woman. Some might argue that it pales by comparison to a technique devised by rapper Yung Humma — a smash-bang fusion, or “smang.”

Here’s his ode to the mighty smang…it is not to be missed.

Five things I absolutely love about this video, in no particular order:

(1) The “smang it” move. Coming soon to a dance floor near me.

(2) The guest appearance from Flynt Flossy. His moves are mesmerizing, his facial hair is gloriously faux, and his pop culture references will slay you.

(3) The hot shorty doesn’t seem interested in Yung Humma whatsoever. She must be playing hard to get, because who could resist?? Their anti-chemistry is magic.

(4) “A Tummiscratch beat.” Then Tummiscratch himself appears, wearing a mask. Yes!

(5) This face:

If you enjoyed this, you may enjoy the track “Sex Syrup” from Humma’s Turquoise Jeep labelmate Slick Mahony:

Turquoise Jeep Records looks like a label to watch.

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