Smile, Cheating Celebrities…Hotel Spycams are Watching You!

Maybe you heard the rumors. One celebrity banging another…nothing special, really. Sure, one of ’em was a married woman and the other one was a notorious cocksman, but what else is new in Los Angeles.

The stories began in blind-item format on the niche gossip blogs, then migrated to the national blogs. Gossip hounds like me took our turns guessing at the identities of the people involved, but nobody knew for sure who the principals were.

Then one of the name-brand tabloids took it to the next level. They splashed the rumor across their cover, naming and shaming the people involved. Angry denials were issued by the married celebrity, but the tabloid stood by its story.

What happened next was never printed anywhere, until now — and it’s the most shocking part of the whole tale.

Recently, I was contacted by a reliable source with excellent contacts within the gossip industry. He told me the inside story behind the married celebrity’s showdown with the tabloid. I can’t go into too many details here, but suffice it to say that his story was explosive.

Here’s what I can share. When the reports came out about this lusty lady’s extracurricular activities, she vehemently denied them to her husband, her management and anyone else that would listen. She ordered her legal representation to throw down, and they contacted the tabloid to threaten a lawsuit.

The tabloid replied coolly that they had four different sources who saw the married celebrity and her lothario lover circling each other at a posh hotel lounge, hooking up together in a secluded nook, then sneaking off to a hotel room together, pawing each other all the way. A couple of hours later, she was observed leaving the scene of the crime looking quite rumpled indeed.

Moreover, another source reported that the lady in question was later heard boasting of her exploits over a meal with a galpal.

Her discretion had been less than exemplary, to say the least.

This mountain of evidence didn’t faze her legal team, who continued to protest on behalf of their client. She had a family and business interests to protect, and demanded a retraction.

So the tabloid pulled out its trump card.

As my source explained, the tabloid benefited in this case not just from its sources who saw the affair go down, but from an illicit practice largely unknown to the public but well-known in the gossip world:

“They work with a source who is in the hotel industry and he does some very illegal video work (spy cam) when celebs are staying with them. This person has never been instructed by the magazines to shoot video on anyone because of the risk of criminal prosecution. He chooses to do this on his own. What happens is the magazine will look at the video and, in a covert way, have someone not affiliated with the magazine purchase the video and keep it under wraps, usually for $100,000 or more.

The reason for this is to keep a celebrity under their thumb. Maybe that celeb can provide some dirt on other celebs. Or maybe they can force the celeb to work with one of the other publications owned by the parent company…like, say, a few lifestyle pieces or something of that nature in the future.”

The tape in question showed our “happily married” heroine smashing a non-celebrity, on another occasion entirely. Every position in the Kama Sutra was on display and the supposedly family-friendly celebrity was revealed to have a truly filthy repertoire of utterances. According to our source, this was a Jekyll-and-Hyde type of deal, in which the usually classy celebrity frolicked like a paid professional in the sack.

Not only was this a sex tape for the ages, but after the deed was done, the celebrity declaimed on her history of illicit bonetime with a variety of other people, including celebrities and no-names. Put it this way: if you saw this tape, you’d never view the celebrity in the same light again.

The tabloid obtained this tape in advance of running its explosive story — it actually won a bidding war with another tabloid in order to do so. And with this tape in hand, they made a threat that forced the lawyers to back down.

“You want to sue us?” the tabloid asked? “Sounds great, we’ll put your client on the stand and question her in detail about every one of her affairs.” They sent along a little snippet of their video evidence to drive the point home.

Within an hour, the celebrity’s representatives had abandoned all talk of a lawsuit.

Instead, they were hard at work on a deal that would bring the celebrity on board to be featured in — and maybe even do some guest-editing for — one of the lifestyle magazines owned by the tabloid’s parent company.

(No, it’s not Kate Beckinsale. Unfortunately.)

So consider this a warning, married celebrities.

If you opt to bone outside your marriage, and you don’t want anyone to find out about it, avoid hotel room trysts.

You never know who might be watching.

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  1. B.A. says:

    This story sounds like it’s about a certain celebrity chef and musician. That’s my guess.

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