The 10 Least Original Quotes from “The Wire” [#WireQuoteDay]

#WireQuoteDay is trending HARD on Twitter right now.

Reading through the various submissions takes me down a memory lane of amazing episodes, characters and moments from perhaps the greatest television show of all time. People are pulling out some obscure and brilliant selections.

But there are also some picks that make me wanna say…come on man, that’s the best you could come up with? One of the most obvious quotes from “The Wire”? It’s like picking “NEWMAN!” for Seinfeld Quote Day. You don’t even have to have seen the show to know some of these quotes.

I guess you could say Wire Quote Day is separating the casual Wire fans from the psychotic Wire fans.

Not to pick on any of these individual tweeters, because there are dozens of tweets to pick from for each of these quotes, but here are the least original choices for Wire Quote Day.!/akpierce/status/51086798574718976


This one is easily the most beaten into the ground. Of all the clever turns of phrase on that show over five seasons, hundreds of people zero in on this memorable but overplayed Marlo Stanfield line. Yawn.

Great line, but I liked it better the first two dozen times it was tweeted.

This was a really great scene…but wasn’t the quote “Where’s Wallace”? Anyway, please dig a little deeper here, folks. It’s motherfucking WIRE QUOTE DAY, STRING! WHERE’S THE INSPIRED QUOTE CHOICE, STRING???? WHERE IT AT???

Not so much obvious as incredibly weak, baffling, even. Did you actually watch the show?

Ah yes, the time when David Simon hit us over the head with the moral of the story…one of my least favorite moments on an almost flawless show.!/ONN8/status/51093294821814272

Such a weak choice…if you’re going to do something in this vein, let’s call it the lookout warning signal genre, why not “Narcos!” or “Five oh creepin!”

Huh? That’s not even…ah forget it.!/realmiketully/status/51086501177593856

Even Isiah Whitlock Jr. thinks that’s a lame pick.

This is one of the best moments in The Wire, but come on. You can do better than this on Wire Quote Day!

Awesome scene, but as a quote? Poo.

Anyway — here are my picks:

Update: No surprise…it turns out that Wire Quote Day was the brainchild of America’s best TV critic, Tim Goodman:

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2 Responses to The 10 Least Original Quotes from “The Wire” [#WireQuoteDay]

  1. Glen shimmoi says:

    Come at the king you better not miss was an omar line.
    My favourite line is Avon to marlo ‘up in this bitch im what youd call an authoritive figure’

  2. John Taberthan says:

    Best two lines were in the same scene. Herc and Carver on the roof when the basketball game was going on. 1) Herc throwing stones against the wall says “How do you think all these pebbles got up here.” 2) Carver looking through binoculars with no one on the street say “Where is everyone” Herc replies “Maybe we won.” Classic

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