This Month In GIF [March 2011]

This Month in GIF returns!

(Or as our friend SecretM would have us call it, This Month In Animated GIF. Just part of his campaign to be officially named The Pedant’s Pedant.)

GIFmaster C. Dave is in effect with an amazing collection of dogs humping things, spectacular wipeouts and bizarre oddities. I’ve mixed in a few tasty finds of my own.

Let’s do this!

Can’t Wait To Deploy This In My Next Comment War

Samantha “Cat” Power

Indy Gets Real

Fun, Fun, Think About Fun. You Know What It Is.

Kanye, some people think you shouldn’t have won ROTI’s Album of the Year...

Neti Pots Rule When Noses Drool

Dogs Humping Things, Volume III

Tommy Heinsohn Seafood Jamme (Nils Coq au Vin found this gem)

Double Goal

RDJ Unleashes An Oscar-Worthy Side-Eye

Wedding Photo, Tidal Blunder

Funniest Reactions, in ascending order: (1) Blackberry guy at left (2) Angry old man at right (3) Fired up TV announcer at center (4) Shocked old woman at bottom

Offa Mah Tail, Varmint

The Gods Must Be Crazy B-Plot

Roller Boogie

Too bad they couldn’t both come out of the closet, amirite?

That’ll Teach You To Cameraman on AI!

The BKing Horror

Definitive Proof: Cats Rule the Internet

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Just like you, man. I got the shotgun, you got the briefcase. All in the game, though, right?

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