The One With Unfettered Hilarity [Facebook Roundup Weekend]

I haven’t done Facebook Roundups in a few months, so I’m compiling the best items from the ROTI Facebook Page into a series of posts for this weekend.

This is the first entry, with the funniest items I’ve come across since December dawned. Hope you have not recently been stitched up in the midsection, I assume no liability for this.

The picture above? It’s the mugshot of a dude who allegedly swallowed an entire bag of cocaine.

ROTI reader Izzie B found this insanely amusing video from The Kelly Family.


Buzzfeed calls these “Unusable” stock photos. Au contraire, they seem very useful to me. Especially when you need to evoke the symbolism of “cakepillow.”

We’ve seen the Olsen Twins host a pizza party, and cringed when they assigned the only black person to wield the chicken drumstick. But it turns out this isn’t the only instance of Mary Kate and Ashley’s adorable racism:


Anyone who loved Making the Band 2 will enjoy this old Chappelle’s Show clip, in which he completely skewers reggae-rapper Dylan. Not that the guy had any talent to begin with, but Chappelle destroyed him for all time. He’s still out there trying to make it in the music business, but every other comment on his videos is “I rip and I rhyme, I rhyme and I rip!”


One of the best karaoke videos ever. I’ve seen versions that try to interpret what this Korean boy is saying, but I prefer to let his performance speak for itself.


Major Beans tipped me off to this compilation of Chris Klein’s best scenes from “Street Fighter.” He warns, “As far as the rest of the movie, you might think that it’d be funny, but it’s not.  It’s 89 minutes of vomit.”


From Thomas De Napoli comes this superb blend of nostalgia and current events, “Regime Change — The Game.” In a similar vein, I also utterly enjoyed this Sierra-inspired video he and Kevin Joyce did for Das Racist.


I’m not totally sure of the context of this, but it seems to have had something to do with SXSW Interactive. At any rate, this is Super Mario Brothers transformed into a dramatic film, “Mario.” The guy who plays Luigi is my favorite.


Urlesque’s Cole Stryker compiled this amazing series of “20 Sad Etsy Boyfriends” forced to pose by their crafty ladies. Of the one below he writes, “This one is my favorite. Seething rage behind those eyes.”

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off — reimagined as a sensitive indie film.


A scene from the 90s made-for-TV biopic, “Madonna: Innocence Lost.” The donut-shop manager totally and completely steals this scene.


You’ve heard of Scumbag Steve. Now learn about the man behind the meme.


Did you know that Ken Jennings was hilarious? He is.

Billy Zane’s performance in Titanic is still one of the most brilliantly over-the-top portrayals of an upper class douche that I have ever experienced:


Israeli comedy ensemble Eretz Nehederet put together this skit depicting a peace negotiation between the Angry Birds and the Pigs. It’s magnificent.


College Humor created Honest Movie Posters for the 2010 Oscar contenders. Brilliant work all around. I especially liked the last one (not pictured here, so click through).

Kids in the Hall fans will remember this classic, “The Cincinnati Kid.”


Misheard Joe Cocker lyrics. (If you enjoy this, there’s an Xtina edition as well.)


Dog Humps Grandma. The title says it all.


Battle Hymn of Sarah Palin. God bless these noble patriots.


Josh Groban sings Kanye’s Tweets. Fur pillows ARE hard to actually sleep on! So true.


Finally, an amazing montage of video dating clips from the 1980s. I hope nobody reading this recognizes their dad in here.


Honorable Mention:
Cats Quote Charlie Sheen.
Michael K on Pete Wentz’ hair and the Wentz/Simpson divorce.
The Beatles 3000.
Disgruntled Harrods employee vents his rage with Christmas lights.
Indian Superman and Bollywood Spiderwoman.
Tom Hanks’ son calls himself Chet Haze and fancies himself a rapper.
The closing credits of “Furry Vengeance,” aka the nadir of Brendan Fraser’s existence.
Kitties rock out in this video from Holy Fuck.
And some unfortunate lady wipes out on live TV.

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