“A God Named Pablo”: Spandex, Sonnets and a Sexy Sphinx [Part Two]

In part one of this epic narrative, Jake James found out he was a demigod, gained a brother, lost his dreamgirl, found a new one, and was tasked by Zeus, aka Pablo, with finding the mythical Golden Fleece in order to restore Olympus.

The next five episodes introduce some great plot twists and some of my favorite characters. What started promisingly actually gets better as events accelerate! So let’s do this.

#6: “I Love Lucy and the Shakespeare Shakedown”

“Snapple, Bill? Really, fucking Snapple?”

In this episode, Lucy and Jake get closer while Scarlett and Cal have a tempestuous love/hate scene. I don’t watch “A God Named Pablo” for the romance, but hang in there, because it all becomes pretty integral to the plot. Unless of course you’re a big fan of romance in your web video, in which case you will love this episode.

To me though, this ep is a keeper because of the introduction of Charles Pasternak’s William “Billy” Shakespeare. So THIS is the mysterious Billy we’ve heard so much about.

Now, it seems utterly random to include Shakespeare in a narrative about Greek Gods in Los Angeles, but I enjoy Pasternak’s performance enough that I am completely willing to suspend my skepticism. His delivery of “That sucked!” gets a laugh from me every time.

#7: “The Forgotten Fable”

“Thank you, talking whisky, for being quite obvious.”

This episode introduces a superb creation, the talking whisky glass voiced by Caleb Claxton. I know it doesn’t SOUND that funny, but the way it’s executed is hilarious.

Incidentally, props to Claxton for directing several episodes of AGNP and consulting on several more. He gives the series a distinctive visual feel and pulls off effects on a limited budget without making them look cheesy. Apparently he worked like a madman to shoot several episodes in a dead sprint during an apocalyptic Los Angeles rainstorm. An Olympian effort! Series creator Jeff Hirbour called his contributions “integral” and I can’t help but agree.

And seriously, he is so good as the whisky…or perhaps as another key character yet to be revealed who is only appearing in whisky form??? TEASER y’all.

Also, someone gets thrown off a roof by the minotaur.

#8: “Spandex, Sonnets and a Sexy Sphinx”

“You crawl into people’s brains and you find out all their secrets. That’s how you diddled my girlfriend — come on! We were bros!”

The intrigue continues as the dudes find out that the Renaissance Hotel is the portal to Medusa’s realm, where the fleece is stashed. There’s a solid bro-session followed by a riddling sesh with a Sphinx. Plus two of the best characters, Hermes and Aphrodite, join the chase at Pablo’s request.

One thing you can’t take away from these guys, they are great at executing binge-drinking montages.

#9: “The Four”

“That’s gonna get really annoying.”

More sweet DIY effects in this one, especially the presentation of the Stone Men who beat down anyone who trespasses into Medusa’s lair. The cinder block shattering over the dome of the bearded one is pretty awesome.

Another great Zeus/Pablo scene — I really enjoy Scott Hartman in this — but is it beyond nerdy to quibble with the suggestion that Zeus, Hera, Poseidon and Hades were “the four” central Olympian gods? Where’s Demeter, Apollo, and Athena? And is Hades even a true Olympian?? Actually, forget that I said anything. I’m so ashamed of my pedantry right now.

In other news, Cheryl Texiera as the Sphinx cracks me up. Her delivery of “I have a van” is a brilliant line reading.

#10: “Perfecter”

“The Green…I’m A Stupid Boring Jerk!”

I know I said this last time, but Tom MacDonald is so funny as the minotaur. His performance in the stakeout scene is awesome. Even behind a mask, makeup or whatever that is, he brings out an amazing personality. His unrequited affection for Megan Sullivan (Laurie Scott) is a great running subplot.

One of the key scenes in this episode is a flashback to the early days of the Scarlett/Cal romance. I initially had a little trouble here because I’m completely anti the cupcake trend that features so prominently. (And it took me a little while to get into “shipping” these two because of the actress change midway through the series, apparently prompted by the original Scarlett departing LA.) That said, Jeff Holden’s Cal and Virginia Welch’s S.C. are very likable characters, entertainingly portrayed by winning performers. By the end of this episode, I was on board. Sure hope these two crazy kids can work it out.

By the way, HUGE plot twist in this episode! I did not see this coming whatsoever!

All this buildup sets the stage for what is sure to be a cataclysmic finale.

Next week, I’ll have the final two episodes of “A God Named Pablo” for your enjoyment!

In the meantime, you can find out more (and watch episode 11 if you simply can’t wait) at their Facebook page.

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