This Month in GIF [April 2011]

GIF Fever is growing! Folks, I have been out there on the frontiers of the cyber realms and I can tell you that this trend is continuing to heat up. A near-archaic image file format has been transformed into the most inspiring thing on the Internet.

You know what that calls for. This Month in GIF!

As always, I am joined by the esteemed C. Dave, ROTI’s guru of GIFdom.

And away we go!

Who Shot Ya?

No Drooling, Hotdog Lovers! (via)

Lance Reddick has seen some crazy shit in his day.

An Introduction to Heartbreak

Toot That Thang!

Edie feels a douchechill

V.I.C.I. 2.0

Park Security by Miyamoto

Doghump IV: The Tiger’s Paw

Hops like Shaq? YES!

Private Pyle’s Donut of Humiliation

Watership Down 2: Sin City

Psycho Spreader

The REAL Wild West: Palm Springs, 1974

This Revolving Door Has Had Enough of Your Bullshit!

No subtext…simply a nutshot.

It Ain’t No Fun (If Disciples Can’t Have None)

Swag 101: Watch and Learn

I hereby authorize the order to bring This Month in GIF to a close (for now).

If you find any great GIFs in the next month and feel compelled to share, hit us up in the comments.

Sources include, The Chive, From Me To You, Weird Animated GIF, Suicide Blonde, and SenorGIF.

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