“A God Named Pablo”: The Heroic Conclusion

Sorry for the delay in presenting this final installment of the series, but I sold off all my Earthly possessions and took to the streets to promote the teachings of Harold Egbert Camping in anticipation of the May 21st Rapture.

Turns out that only a spiritual judgment was passed on that day, so it’s back to the celebration of pagan mythology made relevant for our time!

Therefore, without any further ado, allow me to present the heroic conclusion to “A God Named Pablo.” It features dramatic twists, valorous deeds, tragic deaths, and all the spandex and romance you’ve come to expect from this series.

#11: “The Prince of Olympus”

“We’ve never had a stone woman before, so…it’s kind of exciting.”

Briefly — I really enjoyed Caleb Claxton as Poseidon. His work behind the camera was awesome on this series, but he delivered a clutch performance at a key pivot point.

Anyway, I’m sure you are curious to see how this turns out, so let’s move right on to…

#12. “One Black Arrow”

“When they get inside, I’ll use techniques I saw Cesar Milian the Dog Whisperer use…”

So there you have it, my fellow lovers of Greek Mythology and web video. The epic conclusion to “A God Named Pablo.”

I’ve pretty much spelled out everything I loved and quibbled with about this series already, but to sum up, what made this 12-episode run so great is that AGNP displayed characteristics you don’t often see in a web video series. A tight, well-plotted story arc, with a vivid cast of characters brought to life by a spirited band of great actors. Special effects that were gloriously DIY and fit perfectly within the visual look of the series. Truly surprising twists that held the audience’s interest throughout. And a talking glass of whisky!

Perhaps most commendably, new episodes came out in fairly regular fashion over the past several months, even though there was no big corporation paying everyone to do this. AGNP was a labor of love for Jeff Hirbour and his posse of Angeleno Hellenophiles — and the results were pretty awesome.

If you enjoyed “A God Named Pablo,” I’ve heard talk of a Season II, so sign up now for their Facebook page.

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