The 25 Most-Played Songs on My iPod Before It Died

I got an iPod in 2005 and named it Carl Weathers. It served me faithfully until it died last fall, in a tragic drowning that I chronicled in this article about Ween deep cuts.

In its five-year lifespan, twenty-five songs received the most “plays” — that is, times listened to in their entirety — of all the thousands of songs that I loaded onto the device.

These are those songs.

25. “Skew It On The Bar-B” — Outkast feat. Raekwon (91 plays)

“Old school players to new school fools.” Three styles blending perfectly. Rae’s verse is fire.

24. “King of Carrot Flowers pt 1” — Neutral Milk Hotel (92 plays)

The passionate vocals, melodic heft, cool instrumentation and powerful lyrics are an insanely potent combo. This video also includes parts 2 & 3, a little bonus for your enjoyment.

23. “Nature Springs” — The Good, The Bad and The Queen (93 plays)

Paul Simonon from the Clash on bass,  ridiculous Afropop drummer Tony Allen on drums, and The Verve’s Simon Tong on axe, with Danger Mouse behind the boards. It’s an exemplary case of Damon Albarn’s awesomeness. The whistle section at the end is so choice.

22. “Have You Seen Her Face” — The Byrds (94 plays)

It’s one of the tastiest tunes ever recorded by the Byrds, and that’s saying something.

21. “Summer Babe (Winter Version) — Pavement (95 plays)

If you don’t like Pavement, you might want to stop reading this now…

20. “Father to a Sister of Thought” — Pavement (96 plays)

The pedal steel playing on this track by erstwhile engineer Doug Easley is top-notch.

19. “Back Stabbers” — The O’Jays (97 plays)

I heard an amazing episode of Fresh Air in which Terry Gross interviewed Thom Bell, one of the O.G.s of Philadelphia International Records in the 1970s. It put me on a serious Philly soul listening kick, of which this turned out to be the biggest highlight.

18. “Country Caravan” — Blitzen Trapper (98 plays)

Because the iPod requires that you listen to an entire song to complete a “play,” shorter songs tended to shoot up the most-played list quickly. This song clocks in at a tidy 1:55.

I’m a pretty big BT head. Three albums deep and they haven’t let me down yet.

17. “Old To Begin” — Pavement (99 plays)

The refrain is so gentle, yet utterly potent. I always thrash out pretty hard at the 2:04 waypoint, just before Malkmus drops a delightfully Malkmusian guitar riff.

16. “Wave of Mutiliation” — Pixies (100 plays)

Youtube user Mashuga31 says it best: “Reminds me of a devastating meteor shower that destroys an entire city. Good Stuff.”

15. “Powerman” — The Kinks (100 plays)

Down with the record industry, man!!

14. “Christine’s Tune” – The Flying Burrito Brothers (101 plays)

Those Nudie suits fucking rule. Also, I love me a good Chris Hillman tune (he also wrote that Byrds track that appeared earlier).

13. “Pressed In A Book” – The Shins (105 plays)

Greatness from the Albuquerque days. If I had actually owned this record on vinyl, the grooves would have been worn down to nothingness.

12. “This Time Tomorrow” – The Kinks (105 plays)

Probably the best song ever written about “the road.”

11. “Gold Soundz” – Pavement (106 plays)

A total classic. And they’re coming to the chorus now!

10. “This Is Why You Love Me” – The Brian Jonestown Massacre (107 plays)

I’ve always had a soft spot for that crazy bastard Anton.

9. “Simple Things” – Belle & Sebastian (107 plays)

Si me quieres, yo estaré allí, un chico para hacer frente a todos tus problemas; pero parte del trato es para ti si sientes algo…

8. “Long Black Veil” – The Band (107 plays)

For some reason, the Music from Big Pink version cannot be found on Youtube — I blame Robbie Robertson…

No matter, here’s an exceptional concert version to save the day. Long live the memory of Rick Danko.

7. “8:05” – Moby Grape (108 plays)

One of the most gentle and gorgeous grooves ever written and sung. If you don’t know the tale of Moby Grape, I urge you to check it out.

6. “Discretion Grove” – Stephen Malkmus (109 plays)

One of my favorite jams ever. Once almost came to blows with a friend who listed “the only good songs on the Malkmus solo debut” and didn’t include this one. The video is righteous as well!

5. “Caring Is Creepy” – The Shins (115 plays)

I always loved Dave Hernandez’ bass playing on this record. I feel safe in declaring this one of the dankest bass grooves of the aughts.

4. “Distance Equals Rate Times Time” – Pixies (116 plays)

An 80 second nitro booster.

3. “Bird Dream of the Olympus Mons” – Pixies (119 plays)

I’m a sucker for Trompe le Monde and this song perhaps most of all. Just builds and builds until it takes flight. The last go-round of the chorus is nothing short of epic.

2. “The International Language of Screaming” – Super Furry Animals (133 plays)

Everything I wanted to say about this track was nailed by Danny Harrison when he placed a request on Radio Scotland’s “Wales Night.”

1. “Do Not Feed The Oyster” – Stephen Malkmus (137 plays)

Simply put, this is my jam. If I could capture the feeling inside me at the 3:50 mark and Vanilla Sky myself to feel that vibe forever, I would seriously consider it.

So as we say goodbye to Carl Weathers’ favorite songs, my listening habits are now being tracked by his successor, Carl Winslow. Give me five years and I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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One Response to The 25 Most-Played Songs on My iPod Before It Died

  1. Secret M says:

    I’m glad to see that despite your outward enthusiasm for evil pop music the road to your soul is paved completely in post punk and the garage tinged rock and roll of the 1960s. Phew.

    If you released the top 25 videos on your Ipod I hope I’d see this at #1 –

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