This Month in GIF [Summer of GIF 2011, Vol. 2]

I hope everyone’s enjoying their summer. If you’re hungry for ROTI goodness and don’t understand why this page is updated so rarely in the summer months — check us out over on Facebook. More frequent updates, tunes and videos dropping there almost every day.

On to the GIFs! Props to our collaborators on this project, especially the inimitable C. Dave, but also esteemed comrades Bill Waters and Bonomatory Influence.


It’s OK To Be Arrogant When You Really Do Rule

This goes on in my head on a daily basis

Seal Shits Self

Yippie Ki Yay, Booblover

Shane Victorino, the Flyin’ Stumblin’ Hawaiian

Deleted Scene from “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”

Hillary’s Happy Place

Drink ‘Em Faster Next Time

I call this pose the “Upward Cat”

Freddie Mercury: Desperate Housewife

I want to party with Santana!

Baby Goose Hates Rallies

“Rise of the Planet of the Kitties”

This keeps getting funnier the more I watch it

Presented without comment

Whitey knew what he was doing.

Disney is sooooo heteronormative.

RIP Amy Winehouse

Stare At This For 1 Minute…Then Look At Your Keyboard

GIFs sourced from the usual array of aggregrators, plus Tumblrs like the awesome If We Don’t, Remember Me.

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